Featured sewista: Chaû

A community of faithful seamstresses, with their own visions, plenty of creativity and dexterity, all creating our patterns, deserves a reward! That’s why every two weeks we celebrate a featured sewista, who then passes the honour onto another sewista. , we take a peek at the world of seamstress Chaû and find out about the role played there by Fibre Mood.

Chau roze jurk verkleind

Hi Sewistas!

My name is Châu. I am married, loved as a mother, a passionate teacher and have settled down in Montauban.

My sewing adventure

I discovered sewing two years ago when I was on maternity leave in Mayotte. This is where I discovered a passion for wax, the very first fabric I ever sewed anything out of. Wax is, without doubt, my absolute favourite for outfits: you will find this material in 1001 colourful prints. Absolutely wonderful! 

In this period, I also suffered from skin problems, so I decided to make all my care and beauty products by myself. Even if the DIY industry was completely uncharted territory to me, I dared to take the jump into the unknown. 

I was sold instantly and embraced the world of do-it-yourself: I created recycled jewellery from Nespresso cups and started crocheting Amigurimis – crocheted dolls – for my son, who loves stuffed animals. So, one thing followed on another and the step from crocheting to sewing was quickly made. Sewing proved to be a revelation: there was no stopping me, even though I had less and less time to spend on it. 

I sew primarily for myself, but have been trying to be a little less ‘egotistical’ of late. Recently, I sewed some underwear for ‘my men’ and not only designed but also sewed the costumes for my students’ end-of-year theatrical event. In the future, I would also like to sew some clothes for my mother to thank her for all the beautiful things she sewed for me and I was still a little girl. 

Fibre Mood and me

I first learned about Fibre Mood on Instagram. The sophisticated patterns, which are both timeless and trendy, appealed to me right from the start. I fell head over heels in love with Mira: a pattern that can be made easily, quickly and efficiently. Everything that makes my heart beat faster! To date, I have made three Miras and I’m sure I won’t leave it at that!

My little treasures

My loyal companions on my sewing adventures are my Janome Skyline s7 and my Babylock Imaginé 2. These were presents from my dearest mama and my darling husband, who supports me every day with advice and assistance.

My latest creation? A black gingham dress. This dress is the product of a hack of Atelier Maelstorm’s Orgueil blouse, which I transformed into a frock. My source of inspiration? Mira!

The World Wide Web, my source of inspiration

Just like the majority of my co-amateur seamstresses, I browse the Internet and poke around on every social media channel (including YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram) in search of the latest trends, novelties, tips & tricks and golden advice. On Instagram I am a great fan of @ledressingdecindy and @lebazardecharlotte. Their posts and Instagram stories always make me smile, often making me laugh so hard that tears pour down my face! Their creations are truly amazing. 

One of the bloggers I really admire is @bee_made. She was one of the first bloggers I discovered. Her creations are wonderful sources for inspiration to me, making me want to start on a new pattern or new creation straight away. 

Do I have any tips? 

I’m not sure if I’m the right person to give other people tips & tricks, because I feel as though I’ve only just made my début as a sewista. There are still so many techniques and projects that I have not dared to try out: zip flies and coats, for example, are still a bridge too far. Still, nothing is impossible if you truly want it, and with a dash of confidence, a dollop of courage and a pinch of hard work, the most difficult pattern will become child’s play!

Thank you!

I would like to thank the Fibre Mood team for putting me in the spotlights in such a wonderful way, and to extend my sincere gratitude to you for spending your valuable time on reading my story. 

Long live sewing and may this adventure never end!