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Editie 5

Edition 5

A magazine full of cheerful & airy patterns: imagine yourself in Ibiza with the wonderful Summer, the South of Italy with the Sara or in the Provence with Joanne. From a quiet morning with Trish to a stylish evening with Robyn: this holiday will completely fill your suitcase with homemade creations.



For those who have just discovered Fiber Mood or want to spend the summer Fiber Mood proof, we have a special package:
- Edition 3, 4 and 5 with 15% discount
- Free Shipping

Limited stock, only available in Dutch and French.

Arlette 3

Arlette Hack

Did you immediately notice this version of the Arlette skirt, but did you not see yourself drawing such a pattern? Then there is now the PDF version of our own Arlette Hack.
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