A nod to the past with the Victorian/Western style

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There's nothing new under the sun and fashion is no exception. This time the fashion world dug a little further into the past for inspiration. That's because the Victorian and Western styles also took a trip in a time machine into the future and onto today’s street scene. Who would have thought a decade ago that we’d be sauntering along in long skirts and ankle length dresses and blouses decked out in ribbons and ruffles buttoned up to the neck? Is that an old-fashioned picture from the history books? Definitely not! 


During our favourite costume dramas, we've all been secretly swooning over how carefully-considered and sophisticated clothing used to be in bygone days. And that's why the return of this style is fabulous news for anyone longing to express her inner 'Pride & Prejudice meets Little House on the Prairie’ outside of Halloween parties and in a way that’s fashion-sensitive. Several different fashion houses have already pulled out all the stops with this style during the fashion weeks. (For instance, Alexander Mcqueen, Chanel, Valentino, Dior, etc.). This trend is one where the details on the garments are what make all the difference. Now that the fashion houses have won the hearts of the people, we’re ready to style this trend to a contemporary tune. 

Say adieu to the age of the mini skirt

We’re all covering ourselves from head to toe like never before, all in a mad rush to follow a specific fashion trend. The longer the skirts, the better. While it might seem a tad old-fashioned or straight-laced, pictures from the latest catwalk say that's definitely not the case. Despite this trend entailing long sleeves, and dresses and blouses bound tightly up to the neck, you can still give it a modern twist by combining it with everyday items. A romantic blouse like the Victoria top paired with light jeans looks hip and classic at the same time.  Or what about the Pola: a long, ankle length dress in a floral pattern and decked out in whimsical ruffles. Bye bye mini skirts and hello long, elegant dresses. Not only are they so much more comfortable, they’re also trendy and can be worn for all kinds of occasions. If that isn’t the best of both worlds, we don’t know what is. 

Wild Wild West

Saddle-up! It was the return of Dior’s famous Saddle bag in 2018, among others, that clearly signalled the key role that the feminine Western style, with its long dresses, shirts and fringes would be playing in the new collections. That means that in addition to the head-to-toe drape of Victorian clothing, this ‘old-time’ trend will be influencing our wardrobe too. A contemporary mix of these two styles for the spring doesn’t sound too bad at all. This trend covers the whole outfit, quite literally from head to toe, and includes cowgirl boots to die for. It’s just right for anyone interested in wearing a Western look in 2019: on the city streets, in the office, or maybe even in a trendy saloon...  

Does this trend combined with the Victoria top and Pola dress put you totally over the moon? Fibre Mood has put together a few pieces to give you some additional inspiration while you’re creating your very own Victorian/Western look. 

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