5 tips for planning your spring wardrobe

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Imagine the first rays of sunshine on your skin, cool blouses and let yourself secretly drift off into the summer. Spring is making its début sooner than expected, so it's high time that you got your wardrobe well in order. Not quite sure how to start climbing your way out of the piles of winter clothing? Your spring wardrobe will positively glow with these tips.

  1. Get organised

Start out by reorganising your wardrobe. Stow away the serious winter clothes you won’t be wearing at all this season and hang the fresh and breezy items at the front to get you in the mood for warmer weather. Since weather this time of year is still unpredictable, make it easy on yourself and keep a few winter jumpers on hand to combine with all your true summer pieces. Now that your spring items are the real eyecatchers of your wardrobe, you'll be sure to reach for those garments faster.  They look 'new' and you'll feel more like wearing these pieces than something you've already worn so many times this winter. 

  1. Less is more!

It's easier said than done but only save the clothes you reallywear. It will give you a much better overview of the items you have to choose from. No matter how seductive that one top in the sales may seem, always go for durable items instead. So be sure to keep those truly durable, classics in your wardrobe. A long white shirt is a great example. It can be worn as a dress, like the Filippa Dress, or as a tunic. Now it goes without saying that life would be rather dull if you didn’t have one or two eyecatchers in your wardrobe. That’s why you should make sure that you've got a good balance between basics and trend items, so that you can easily mix and match. The Arlette skirt is one of those genuine trend items that looks fantastic with simple classics. For your next sewing project, be sure to save these trends which are a snap to combine: the bum bag, ruffles, transparent, lavender and white. 

3. Show off those accessories

If there’s one season that's right for showing off your accessories – it’s definitely spring. From colourful scarves to trendy hats and the first batch of sunglasses: you can never have enough accessories. You can really brighten up your outfits by combining more classic pieces with an accessory or two. That way you can also give your look a different twist every day without having to change clothes. How about a pair of bootcut trousers combined with a pair of retro sunglasses from the 60s? Does your body shape need you to emphasise your waist? Using a ribbon as a detail to tighten the waist of your dress can go miles – just look at the Violet dress. 

4. Layers

Too cold out in the morning, but way too hot by noon? Make sure your outfits have plenty of layers. Go for thin items that layer well and can easily be taken off. You'll definitely need a light summer jacket to make it through those chilly mornings. Looking for something that will make you stand out? Our Julia kimono is perfect. It’s a perfect spring piece and is just different enough to stand out from the leather jackets on parade. 

5. Go for something airy

Airy fabrics are a must for this season. Linen and cotton are the fabric of choice when it comes to enjoying a lovely passing breeze. Airy doesn't necessarily mean short: go for an Arlette skirt, a long Pola or Susan dress. The slit in the Susan and the ruffles of the Arlette and Pola give you an instant spring feeling. Finally, it’s the jumpsuits that stand out head and shoulders above the rest as themost easy going piece for the spring. That’s why we're going for the #Riva all the way, in a light fabric, easy and trendy. 

We'll inspire you with some spring items for your new or tidy wardrobe!

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