Arlette Skirt

3 2019
#Arlette #FibreMood
  • Thread
  • Iron-on interfacing: 30 cm
  • Snap (Ø 2.1 cm): 2
  • Fabric: see table
Size 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
fabric* (cm) 180 180 180 180 245 250 255
Size 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
fabric* (cm) 255 265 265 270 270 275 275

* fabric width 140 cm

Comprehensive information about the fabrics in the Fibre Mood collection along with the accompanying fabric plans can be found here.

32 - 58

Take a gamble with the Arlette skirt this season because for skirts and dresses the tulip trend has made a smashing comeback.

You'll see this trendy ruffled-item most often in its knee-length version, but anyone who prefers a shorter or longer model can alter the pattern. It’s simple!

From solids to floral prints and stripes, the Arlette skirt is the absolute top when paired with a loose, knitted jumper. Just what you need on a chilly day!

Fabric advice

The fabric selection determines the look of your skirt. You could go for fabric with a fluid drape in a floral print, such as a crepe in viscose, wool or silk. The result will be a skirt that falls gently around the lower part of the body, giving it a ripple effect. If you go for a stiffer fabric, such as cotton, the skirt will be more structured and add additional volume. The result is a skirt that has a little more body of its own.

The best option for straight body shapes is a stiff fabric, while women with more curves look loveliest in fabric with a fluid drape.

For more information on how to alter the Arlette skirt, click here.

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