Free Sewing Patterns and Knitting Patterns

Create, share, inspire. That’s what we’re all about. We hope to make our community a place where current sewistas can pass on the passion of sewing to other (future) sewistas. And what better way is there for us to immerse you in Fibre Mood's vision than to give you a taste of our sewing and knitting patterns. Find our free patterns on this page and test out all that Fibre Mood has to offer and enjoy the real Fibre Mood experience. (Spoiler alert: there's a good chance that you'll fall hook, line and sinker!) 





Frances met jeans bewerkt

These Fibre Mood extras will round off your next sewing project perfectly. Ready to jump head on into the Fibre Mood experience with a knitted Tara jumper or a long Julia jacket? Pick your free sewing or knitting pattern here to find out what Fibre Mood is all about and don’t forget to share your creation with #fibremood. We'll be sharing new free sewing and knitting patterns now and again. Stay tuned. 






Tara Ribbel Trui