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One of the past seasons’ noticeable trends has been the oversized design, and it can currently be spotted back on the catwalks once again. Designers are taking their experiments with shapes and proportions to the limit, and they adore spacious garments. That said, how should you get started with this trend?

Oversized Tara

Oversized clothing is the trend. Fantastic, right!? Who wouldn't love an ultra-comfortable outfit that is also totally “in”? But when are your garments really oversized, and at what point will everyone have gotten the hang of things? We provide some inspiration, in the meantime, with three of our own designs based on this trend, and give you five reasons for why you should try this trend out for yourself.   

Oversized, extra large! 

“Oversized” is a term used for the roomiest possible fit, one that doesn't have any body definition at all. It brings to mind slouch, volume and less structure. An oversized fit is the most fashion forward and edgy fit. Once you get started with oversized garments, it's all about proportions. For instance, you can combine garments that are “too big” with smaller items to emphasize the contrast between the two, or you can combine “too big” with something the same size or larger if you're looking to go “all the way” with the oversized look.

5 reasons to go oversized

1. The most important reason of them all: in the very first Fibre Mood pattern book you're presented straight off with four garments that meet the requirements of this trend. Naturally you'll want to give them all a try. “Hello Tara, Penny, Filippa and Toni!” Curious? There's a first preview waiting for you in this issue!

2. Compared to what you might think, oversized doesn't make you look fat. In fact, you look more slender because the clothing hangs so loosely. To top it off, it hides excess pounds. That means it looks lovely, but more importantly...it's convenient!

3. By wearing oversized clothing you are especially making a statement. It evokes a sense of strength and boldness too. You aren't afraid to follow the trend and you show it, which is how it should be!

4. Oversized clothing also calls for large, bold accessories, which definitely makes us happy. Big bags and large glasses should especially come to mind. Less is more, just as long as it's big.

5. Mixing and matching is definitely recommended. Sometimes you might think that an oversized garment should only be paired with a close-fitting piece, but try giving ‘big on big’ a try: an oversized blouse with wide-leg trousers. It totally works!


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