Arlette Skirt without ruffles with facings

For this version of the Arlette, the pattern pieces for the front and back are used to draft the facings.
The waistband (with or without drawstring) pattern pieces remain unaltered; the pattern pieces for the flounce are not used.


Follow the steps on the illustrations to draft the facings.


Follow the steps with the illustrations for the finish using facing. For finishing the waistband, you can visit the Instructions of the Arlette Skirt or see p. 57 on the checklist.

Arlette rok met beleg

1. Draw the Facings

Draw a parallel line 5 cm away from the curved line of the front and the hemline of the back.

Arlette Beleg 1

Copy the front and back facings (with all marks) separately onto a piece of pattern paper.

Arlette beleg 2

Draw 1 cm seam allowance on the sides indicated.

Arlette Beleg 3

2. Finish the Facings

Pin the dart/dart intake of the fronts and sew off towards the basting thread. Press the dart/dart intake (along the wrong side) towards the CF.

Arlette beleg 5

Repeat for the dart/dart intake of the back, but press the dart/dart intake towards the CB.

Arlette beleg 6

Pin and sew the front facing to the front with the right sides together and the nicks lined up perfectly.

Arlette beleg 7

Pin and sew the back facing to the back with the right sides together and the nicks lined up perfectly.

Arlette beleg 8

Always fold the facing to the side with the seam allowance. Stitch along the facing and the seam allowance underneath at 2 mm from the seam.

Arlette beleg 9

Leave the facing folded down and overlock the side seams of the front and back.

Arlette Beleg 9

Sew the side seams and then press the seam allowance open.

Arlette beleg 10

Overlock the contours of the front and back facing.

Arlette Beleg 11

Fold the facing over to the wrong side and sew or stitch in place.

Arlette Beleg 12