Big, bigger, biggest: buttons are all the rage this season

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You can’t ignore them. Neatly in a row, the represent the new trend: buttons. Whether you look at the catwalk collections or go shopping for inspiration, you see them everywhere.  And it’s not exactly a small trend because the buttons are big this summer. Read how they are dominating the street scene.

Trend Dixie pattern

Portion of vintage 

As you already know, the seventies are making a comeback. The arrival of buttons is a great example of that. And for a vintage look you don’t have to brave second-hand shops anymore because this look is currently all “new”. Even though the chance of a lucky find at a flea market has got its charm. Endless rows of buttons decorate numerous long skirts, dresses, blouses and jumpers. From delicate to striking brown buttons: size doesn’t matter in the world of buttons. 

Button up!

Goodbye to zips and hello buttonholes. If you’re less of a fan of bright colours and prefer a more minimalistic look,  you can spot brown buttons with contrasting white on dresses, trousers and tops in beige and earth tones. Perfect for a button-down skirt, such as the Dixie, during a hot summer’s day or on a knitted jumper with buttons for autumn. This trend is not seasonal, another good reason it’s one to follow. With the Dixie skirt, that includes a whole row of buttons on the front, you are totally down this new trend. Add a summer bag and the sun and your look will really shine. Is your sewing machine ready to create all those button holes? Read on below to gain inspiration with the best shopping items. 

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