Wrap it up for summer!

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Have you already spotted the trend for this summer? We’ll tell you now that a decorative, easy and trendy item is waiting for you. Wrap dresses, tops and skirts: you’ll see that overlap everywhere. In short: It’s a wrap! 

New trends are always fashionable but are they comfortable? The wrap trend taps into that because a dress has never been so beautiful and easy at the same time. The overlap on the upper body creates a V-neck and also emphasises your waist. At work, during a city break or on a balmy summer evening at the beach, with a wrap dress you are never over- or underdressed.

Wrap trend

The renowned wrap dress first appeared in the 1970s in the collection by Diane Von Fürstenberg. She left her mark on what is still an iconic item today and she made women feel self-assured and elegant. Fifty years later we are still a fan of it! Yet the technique of the wrap dress was actually nothing new, it appeared in the 1930s by designers including Elsa Schiaparelli. But Von Fürstenberg made it fashionable and the rest is history.


You got a taster of an overlap with the Arlette skirt. If you are ready to wrap up your entire outfit, then the Vienna dress is for you! This long wrap dress is suitable for young and old and is a timeless item that you will enjoy for years. Make sure you keep it for the 100th anniversary of the wrap dress in 2030 ;-). If you are not sure whether the dress will suit you, then read our styling advice. The most important thing is the fabric: opt for a modern look with a great print. This trend is for anyone because every figure shines in this dress. The wrap trend is not only for dresses, blouses and tops also fit in this fashion picture. Choose the Wallys blouse with a nice print and discover how easy wrap items really are. 

Ready for a wrap over? Shop or take a look below for some inspiration for your next wrap sewing project!

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