Trend alert: rejuvenating green

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The future looks bright (green) with gorgeous weather and spring just around the bend. Our wardrobes could use a good spring cleaning too. If you're looking for new items or fabrics for new sewing projects, make sure to add a touch of green. The colour is an iconic one that’s trendy every year; however, in 2019 every shade of green – from neon to mint – will really be taking the catwalk by storm. 


Even though Pantone has named ‘living coral’ the colour of the year for 2019, the colour green is definitely not to be outdone. It was no accident that the ‘the girl in the green scarf’ from Confessions of a shopaholic(2009) wore an eye-catching green scarf as a fashion statement. And it’s's years after the film's debut, and we're still looking to strike a pose in the same kind of green ‘it’ item. 

Greener than green

It’s not just one particular shade of green: there's something for everyone this time around. For example, olive green and khaki haven’t made an exit yet from the spring collections. We also saw the colour return as a theme in the winter collections of brands such as Simone Rocha, Dior and Chanel, and not just as a highlight. We mean green from head to toe. However, those interested in sporting thegreen of 2019 will need to be open to a dose of extra pep in his or her outfit: you should set your watch by neon/lime green! Since we’re not all interested in dressing up as highlighters, this kind of green should be combined with neutral shades such as beige, black or dark blue. It might be a little risky, but if you never take a shot, you’ll never hit your goal. 

Greener on the other side

Is a retro look more what you're going for? If so, mint green is just the thing! You can easily take to the streets all in green wearing this shade. Just imagine classic suits with wide-leg trousers. Don’t care for neons or pastels? There is also a wide range of shades of dark green up for grabs, such as emerald green. Use one of these to style your entire outfit by, like with the Violet dress, for example. What can tilt a green outfit like this to an even higher level? Combine shades of light and dark green. For example, try layering pale khaki and dark green: they pair wonderfully!

This trend is also a hit in the men's fashion world. Just check out the Calvin, a trendy jumper in green that pairs easily with off-white, beige, black or even more green. Still not completely sold on green after reading this article? Fibre Mood would still love to share more inspiration for your upcoming sewing projects: check out a few of our fresh spring items!

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