Style advice for the Pina skirt

The Pina skirt is the perfect basic wardrobe item and very easy to combine but you should make it at the right length to suit your figure, height, weight, leg shape etc so that the model comes into its own. Read on to discover the full styling advice. 

The Pina skirt is absolutely gorgeous but should be made in the right length to suit your figure, height, weight, leg shape etc. Read on to find out how you can do that. 

Your height:

  • If you are petite: A simple straight design at knee length (just above, on, or under the knee) works very well. A rib knit fabric for this kind of skirt with a side split is ideal if you’d like to create more visual length.
  • Average height Skirts in all lengths look good. Are you tall? Maxi skirts can really make a statement.

Your figure:

If you are slender, you might prefer skirts above knee length. If you are curvy, you might prefer longer skirts. Try different lengths and you’ll know your preference!

Shape of your legs:

Did you know that the eye is drawn to the hemline of a skirt? If you keep this in mind you can make the hemline at the same level as your favourite part of your legs. 


Pina I

Your body type:

  • Straight skirts can work really well if you have a fuller waist (H-types, O-types). The split in the side seam on the Pina skirt is an ideal eye catcher. Would you like to create more visual length? Then choose Pina with an invisible zip closure, as there is no additional horizontal seamline created by a waistband.
  • Is your centre of gravity towards the lower half of your body? (A-types, 8-types, X-types) Light, bright colours, along with shiny and textured fabrics, attract the eye the most. So if you want to draw attention to your upper half you can try an outfit with a (chunky) knitted jumper in a light bright colour, or a loose satin blouse tucked into a darker coloured or more muted skirt.
  • If you are a V-type and broader at the upper body (for example shoulders and chest area) and you want to highlight the lower body, then try a striking skirt! Maybe with sequins? Combined with a more muted top or cardigan the skirt will stand out even more.
  • If you are slender with a more straight figure and less curves (I-types) a skirt in a lovely, striking print or with additional decorative details creates more volume at the hip. Try pairing it with a blouse or top with ruffles or gathers if you like volume and layers.
Pina rekbare stof
Pina rekbare stof