Josie Boxy Top in Jersey

Top in Jersey genäht und mit Chiffon verlängert. 

Used pattern:

Acerca deJosie

4 2019
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32 - 48

The Josie boxy top is an offshoot /pattern hack of the Josie top. As the name suggests, this top is a shorter, looser version of the basic model. Pair it with a skirt or a pair of high-waisted trousers. And there’s even a second pattern hack, the A-line dress. You can check out the pattern for sale here

Fabric advice

Whether you make the Josie top short in a stiff fabric or one with a fluid drape will depend on your body shape and the look you're going for. Women with a ‘curvy’ body shape ought to retain those soft lines and go for fabric textures that aren’t too bulky or heavy. Fabrics that ‘drape’, such as wool, silk and viscose blends are the most flattering options. Women with a ‘straight’ body shape should go for stiffer fabrics that retain their shape and create clean, straight lines, for example a jacquard, cotton, linen, brocade, etc.

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