Consejos de estilo para la falda Anna

The Anna skirt is a nice, trendy skirt that's easy to pair. On one condition though: you’ve got to pick the best length! That length depends on how tall you are, your weight, the shape of your legs and your body shape. Find out more about how you can really shine in the Anna skirt.


Height checklist

  • Are you shorter than 165 cm?
    Go for a straight, knee-length cut (just above, at or just below the knee). Stay away from needless frills and decorations. A simple version of the Anna skirt is perfect for you! The fabric’s vertical ribs (corduroy) and the slit at the back also create vertical lines that make you look longer. That’s a win-win!
  • Are you average height?
    You’re in luck! However long or short you go – the Anna skirt is perfect for you.
  • Are you taller than 172 cm?
    You'll look amazing in the ankle-length version of the Anna skirt. Don’t bother with the short version of the Anna skirt. Where you’re concerned, maxi really does work more!

Body shape and weight checklist

  • Are you slender and petite?
    Go for a skirt length that falls above the knee.
  • Do you have plenty of curves?
    Make the skirt longer. Skirts that stop above the knee make you look heavier. The corduroy and the slit at the back also create vertical lines that make you look more slender.

Leg shape

All eyes go straight to where the skirt stops. If you have stockier calves or lower legs, make sure that the skirt's hem rests just below or above the widest part of your calves – never directly on the widest part.

Pattern Anna

Body shape-based advice

The Anna skirt for O-types

Sweet 0-tupes, this is what you should keep in mind: create as many vertical lines as possible and draw attention away from your midriff.

The straight (or subtle A-line) version of the Anna skirt is perfect for apples. However, choosing the right length is important. The idea is to show off your lovely, slender lower legs and ankles, so don’t make the skirt too long.

To achieve those much-coveted vertical lines, make the skirt and top in the same colour. That creates a lengthening effect. Go for a V-neck top or wear a striking piece of jewellery. Focus on the shoulders and face is a definite yes, so eye-catching earrings, a big necklace or a showy detail (think: bow at the shoulders) are all a GO! High-necked tops and blouses are a definite no.

Bonus tip: a top with rolled up sleeves, rolled cuffs or 3/4-length sleeves accentuates your wrists. You can boost that effect by wearing a bracelet.

Anna skirt for wide H-types

Wide rectangles have hips and shoulders that are more or less the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waist. Your figure is naturally well-proportioned. Keep it that way! To put it plainly: if you add volume to the upper body, then do the same for the lower.

The Anna skirt’s subtle A-line is perfect for you because the gently flared lines create the optical illusion of a smaller waist. Tip: enhance that effect by pairing the skirt with a top that makes your shoulders look straighter/broader.

Go for a length that draws attention to your legs. For easy instructions on how to alter the length, click here.

Pair the Anna skirt with a V-neck top to create as much of a V-shape across the body as possible.

Pair the skirt with a top in a contrasting colour. That contrast will create a break at your waist, which in turn will give your otherwise straight figure more shape and make your waist look more slender. However, be sure that the skirt is darker than the top.

Pattern Anna

Anna skirt for I-types

The slim rectangle’s straight, slender figure lacks a little ‘body’. The subtle A-line of the skirt adds a little volume to your figure. Also, additional details on the skirt – pockets, a yoke, etc. – are a real bonus for your body shape.

Pair the skirt with tops in different colours, prints, patterns and textures. For the top, go for something that adds more volume above the bust line (e.g., puff sleeves, a boat neck, a top with horizontal stripes). The point is that your waist will appear narrower by visually broadening your shoulders.

Anna skirt for A-types

The hips are the widest part of a pear's body and the shoulders are comparatively narrower. The trick here is to get your shoulders to look wider so that they're more proportionate to your hips. For this reason, you should emphasise the top of your body. Try to create an illusion of narrower hips to create a perfectly balanced silhouette.

The Anna skirt's A-line looks smashing on your figure. Do keep the following in mind though:

  • create vertical lines along the lower body. That’s why you should go for corduroy, but in fabric that isn’t overly thick.
  • Create horizontal lines on the upper body. By doing that, you'll even out your proportions. Possible options: boat neck, top with horizontal stripes, puff sleeves, cap sleeves. You could also consider an additional detail – a bow at the shoulders, for example.
  • Make sure that the upper body has enough layers: top, a coarsely knit cardigan and accessories.

Choose a fairly dark colour for the skirt and a lighter colour for the top. Keep this in mind: the goal is to draw as little attention as possible to your lower body, so make sure that bottom half of your look is as plain and understated as possible – and be sure to add all the details at the top.

Tip: don’t make the top too long. It should sit just above the widest part of your hips.


Anna skirt for X-types

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Your body is naturally well-proportioned.

The Anna skirt’s slightly flared cut is well-suited to your body shape, because you look loveliest in simple pieces that play on your natural curves.

Make sure to pick fabric with a sufficiently fluid drape, so that you accentuate your natural curves even more.

Perfect combo: the Anne skirt  + a top with a gorgeous neckline.
Less is more! (That means where accessories are concerned too!)

Anna skirt for 8-types

Your shoulders are somewhat smaller than or the same width as your hips and you have a slender waist. In comparison with the neat hourglass, the widest point of the hips is higher up. That’s why it’s important to create or retain the balance between shoulders and hips and to accentuate your waist.

The skirt's flared shape isn’t quite right for your body shape. Skirts that narrow (rather than flaring) look best on you. That’s why you should pair the Anna skirt with a top with a dazzling neckline – a V-neck would be perfect. That will ‘stretch’ the upper body. Oversized tops are a no go.

Anna skirt for V-types

V-types are characterised by shoulders that are broader (i.e. more visual weight) than the hips. Your mission? Balance out your figure nicely by accentuating your lower body. That will make your shoulders look narrower.

And that's exactly why the Anna skirt is a smashing success for your body shape. The flared shape looks fantastic on you. Make the skirt in a striking or light colour and pair it with a top that's either plain or dark. Your use of colour is what will help you balance your silhouette.

Fabric with a heavy drape, i.e. thicker or stiffer is a great option. Textured fabrics are a yes for this skirt! Tip: pair the skirt with a top in fabric with a fluid drape. That will help you lend even more balance to your silhouette.

Go for multiple thin layers rather than a single chunky jumper, for example. Boleros and tops that are too short should also be avoided at all costs. Why? They draw too much attention to your upper body.