Style advice for the Vita top

The Vita top for apples

The Vita top's lovely deep V neck looks incredible for your body shape. Specifically, it detracts from midriff and draws attention to your face.

The shaped sleeves in a fabric with a fluid drape though are too soft for your body shape. That's because your shoulder line needs more definition. The solution: give the sleeves cuffs to create more volume at the shoulders.

The perfect combo: make the Vita top in a dark colour and pair it with a pair of trousers, a pencil skirt or flared skirt in the same colour. Put on a pair of eye-catching earrings, a necklace or add a bracelet for bling.

The Vita top for wide rectangles

For wide rectangles, the shoulders and hips are perfectly proportioned. The only thing missing is a waist. And that’s why the goal is to retain those perfect proportions while creating the illusion of a waist.

The deep V neck makes your neck and upper body look longer. However, the shaped sleeves are less flattering on your body shape because they make your shoulders look somewhat too sloped. The solution: make the Vita top in a neutral colour and pair it with flared jeans or trousers, a pencil skirt or a slightly flared skirt.

Geometric and graphic prints are an absolute yes for your body shape.


The Vita top for slim rectangles

The deep V neck is perfect for slim rectangles. Specifically, it draws attention to your waist and gives your figure more ‘body’. Go for a flashy colour or mix and match colours and patterns of the other pieces to create a little more contrast in your silhouette.

The Vita top for pears

Make your shoulders look bigger by making sure that the V neck is wide enough. The pear's objective is to emphasise the upper body. That's why you should make the Vita top in a striking colour or a fun print and pair it with trousers or a skirt in a more understated, plain and dark colour. Finish the look off with pizazz  by dolling up with a pair of eye-catching earrings. It’s a sure way to draw full attention to the upper part of your figure.

The Vita top for neat hourglasses

The Vita top's loose cut embraces your natural curves nicely. The V neck also accentuates your waist. Your shoulders could do with a straight line, which the Vita top doesn’t necessarily provide.

Simplicity is a virtue, so go with a solid fabric that is sure to flatter your body shape most. Pair the top with a pair of trousers or a skirt with soft, curved contours.



The Vita top for full hourglasses

The Vita top's lovely, soft and flowing contours look gorgeous on the full hourglass. The cut follows your natural curves and puts the focus where it should be – on your waist! Its lovely neckline looks divine on you.

Opt for a thin fabric with a fluid drape to emphasise your feminine curves.

The Vita top for inverted triangles

As far as tops go, this is a dream come true for your body shape. It’s the perfect basic for your wardrobe. The deep V neck and shaped short sleeves make your shoulders look narrower, which helps balance out your silhouette. Make the top in a dark shade and pair it with a pair of trousers or a skirt in a light colour.


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