Style advice for the Violet dress

This loose-fitting Violet dress with short sleeves that falls just below the knee can be easily adapted to suit your body type.

Violet for the apple

For an apple body type the dress conceals the widest part of your body. The idea is to place the accent on the legs, shoulders or face. The V-neck and shoulder sections of the Violet dress are perfect for that.

Moreover, the straight cut is ideal for your figure. Tip: Taper the side seam slightly in the length so you will get the perfect cut for your figure.

Select a medium-heavy to heavy fabric in a relatively dark colour. Wear the dress without a belt to avoid any unnecessary focus on the stomach area.

Violet for the wide rectangle

The balance between shoulders and hips with wide rectangle body types is perfect, only a waist is missing. The idea is to maintain the balance in your figure and create a waist.

The shoulder sections of the Violet dress create the desired effect of making the shoulders look a little broader than they are. Tip: allow the hem of the skirt to flare slightly. The cut of this dress is perfect for your figure. You create a waist by adding a belt or chord at hip height and using it to draw in the waistline. This will make your upper body look longer. This combination is the ideal way for you to make the best of your figure.

A V-neck looks good on you because it makes your neck and upper body look longer.

By making the dress at knee length your legs get that bit more attention.

You can opt for a heavy fabric but a supple or stiff fabric is also possible.  Geometric and graphic prints are a ‘go to’ for your body type.


Violet for the slim rectangle

The slim rectangle body types have few curves and even less of a waist. The shoulder sections of the dress give your upper body a bit more volume. That will make your waist appear slimmer and give your body more shape.

Select a heavier fabric that gives you more structure.

Violet for the pear

The hips are the widest part of a pear's body and give your body more shape. The ideal dress for a pear body type falls smoothly over the hips and flares slightly towards the hem, making the shoulders optically wider. That will balance out your figure.

The shoulder sections place an accent at shoulder height. Tip: Make the V-neck wide enough to make your shoulders look wider.

It is a good idea to add a subtle accent to your waistline. You can do that by wearing a belt loosely around your waist. Make sure there is a smooth transition from the top to lower body.

Your figure needs a reasonably heavy yet supple fabric.

Complete your look by wearing striking earrings. The attention will then be drawn to the top part of your figure.


Violet for the neat hourglass

Women with a neat hourglass body type are blessed with a harmonious figure. It makes finding a suitable dress that bit easier. Your body is naturally well-proportioned.

Select a dress that accentuates your natural shape and your slim waist. The cut of the Violet dress is perfect. Always draw in the dress with the (thin) belt!

The V-neck looks very good on you. It emphasises your waist that bit more. Furthermore, the V-neck makes your upper body and neck appear longer.

Violet for the full hourglass

Those with the full hourglass body type need to accentuate their waist. After all, that is the slimmest part of their body. So, wear the dress with a belt. The emphasis will then be on your upper body. The shoulder sections create that extra wow factor.

Tip: Make the skirt section so it tapers towards the hem.


Violet for the inverted triangle

As a woman with the inverted triangle body type, your body’s point of gravity is above the waist. Your shoulders are wider than your hips.

The ideal dress for the inverted triangle body type makes the shoulders optically narrower and the hips look fuller.

Select a deep V-neck to draw attention to the middle of your upper body and away from your broad shoulders. Thanks to the deep, narrow V-neck your waist will look smaller. Also make the skirt so it flares out enough to create a nice balance with your broader shoulders.


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