Style advice for the Victoria blouse

High-necked Victorian blouses do the following:

  • they draw attention to the neck
  • they fill out the neck making it look shorter
  • they lengthen the upper body
  • they accentuate the bust

The Victoria top looks lovely on women with long necks, but should be avoided at all costs by women with short necks or a double chin.

The Victoria top lengthens your upper body visually, which is just what you need if you have a short upper body. Is your neck on the short side? Unfortunately that means this top is a no go. If you have a long neck, pair the Victoria top with a skirt or regular or high-waisted trousers. A different combination will throw the vertical proportions completely out of balance.

The neck is the key focal point of the Victoria top. So be sure not to wear any dangling or eye-catching earrings and wear your hair up or keep it drawn away from the face.

If you are heavy busted, the Victoria top isn’t really right for you –  that’s because it overemphasises your bust.

Victoria Blouse

The Victoria top is a must-have in every pear’s wardrobe! Thanks to the cut, details and ruffles, the top really shows off your upper body.

Slim rectangles can always use more details to give their body a little more shape, which is what makes this top perfect! Pair with light-coloured, bootcut jeans or trousers, or an A-line skirt.

The Victoria also looks lovely on wide rectangles, as long as the neck isn’t too short. The top's details accentuate the upper body, and when paired with bootcut trousers or trousers with a somewhat wider leg, or an A-line skirt, the result is a perfectly proportioned silhouette.

For apples, inverted triangles, and both neat and full hourglasses, the Victoria isn’t an instant match. Neck length and bust size make a significant difference here. Still dying to add the top to your wardrobe? Go for a dark colour, something that won’t draw too much attention either way. Fabric with a fluid drape can help ‘soften’ more angular body shapes, and stiffer fabric can provide more structure in places where it's needed.


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