Style advice for the Trish dress

The Trish dress for apples

The centre of gravity for the apple body shape is the midriff, which is why drawing attention away from that area is a must. You can do that by accentuating other areas, for example, the face, shoulders, legs, wrists, etc.

The lovely, scoop neck highlights the top of your silhouette both at the front and back. The shorter sleeves also draw attention to the wrists. What’s more, the crew neck detail creates a (slight) vertical line down the front.

Be sure that there’s enough room in the midriff area. That will keep the dress from clinging too much. The dress should have a nice, fluid but straight drape.

Opt for a jersey with vertical ribs to create a lengthening effect. Tip: fabric with a delicate print is perfect for camouflaging certain areas. They create visual ‘chaos’ so that the eye doesn't focus on any one point.

Go for a solid, dark, understated fabric and pair the dress with eye-catching earrings. That will help you draw attention to the top of the body.

The Trish dress for wide rectangles

Wide rectangles are nicely balanced between the shoulders and hips, but lack a waist. That’s why the goal is to retain your figure's nice proportions. The straight, plain cut of the Trish dress does that well. The gentle, sloping contours look perfect for your body shape. The slightly form-fitting seam at the waist is a bonus. Moreover, the Trish has a lovely scoop neck that looks stunning on you.

Basically the Trish dress is a win-win for wide rectangles!


The Trish dress for slim rectangles

The slim rectangle’s straight figure lacks ‘body’. Wearing the Trish dress in a solid won’t solve that problem. That’s why you should be sure to go for extra details or a cheerful print. You could consider, for example, a floral print or wide, horizontal bands of colour in several different colours, etc.

Go for textured fabrics that add structure to your body.

The Trish dress for pears

The hips are the widest part of a pear's body and the shoulders are comparatively narrower. The trick here is to get your shoulders to look wider so that they're more proportionate to your hips. For this reason, you should emphasise the top of your body. Try to create an illusion of narrower hips to create a perfectly balanced silhouette.

The waist on the Trish dress is subtle and the lovely neckline at both front and back emphasises the upper part of yoru body.

Be sure to add a little extra room around the hips so that the fabric doesn’t cling to them. You may want to make the skirt hem slightly wider.

Must have accessories for this outfit: big earrings.


The Trish dress for neat and full hourglasses

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a lovely waistline. Both the neat and full hourglasses have a body that's naturally well-proportioned.

The Trish dress follows your natural curves and accentuates your waist. The scooped, feminine neck looks stunning on you and the narrow 3/4 length sleeves add the finishing, feminine touch. It’s the perfect dress for your body shape.

The Trish dress for inverted triangles

The scooped neck and simple cut at the shoulders and bust look great for your body shape. The straight cut, subtly accentuated waistline and somewhat looser hem at the bottom are the perfect combination for inverted triangles.


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