Style advice for the Taylor dress

The Taylor dress is a beautifully elegant dress that’s perfect for all occasions. The shaped sleeves, the sleeve trim, and the cute, pleated neckline give add refreshing touches to the dress. Read on and discover how your figure type can best wear this dress.

The Taylor dress for O types

Remember that your figure benefits from as many (visual) vertical lines as possible. O types do not want to draw attention to the middle zone of the body either. These are two aspects that, when well-balanced, give your figure a more proportional look.

How do you do that?

  • Dresses fall rather loosely over the waist when worn by O types. Take the elastic out of the Taylor dress and lengthen the top into a nice tunic or shirt.
  • Pick the right length! That would be knee length for O types because your beautiful legs deserve to be seen.
  • Play with accessories: eye-catching earrings, a bracelet, or wide belt.

The Taylor dress for H types

H types’ shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. Your figure is well-balanced. So it’s important to maintain that balance. The only thing missing is a clear waist.

How do you do that?

  • The Taylor dress is great for your figure type because it makes your figure more shapely while remaining balanced because volume is added to both the top and bottom silhouette.
  • The looser top – with shaped sleeves and a cute neckline – adds extra volume to your silhouette.
  • The cinched-in waist and A-line at the bottom of the dress give your straight figure a waist.
  • Don’t make the dress too long; your beautiful legs deserve some attention too.
  • Both stiffer and supple fabrics are good.

The Taylor dress for I types

I types have a very slim, straight figure and lack a clear waist. We absolutely want to create a waist for them.

How do you do that?

  • The Taylor dress will give your figure more shape.
  • The looser top – with shaped sleeves and a cute neckline – adds extra panache to your silhouette.
  • Both stiffer and supple fabrics are possible, but avoid fabrics that are too thin. Your figure will benefit from a little more structure.
  • Play with prints: floral or striped patterns are certainly possible!

The Taylor dress for A types

The widest point of an A type’s body is the hips. The shoulders are then much narrower in comparison. The challenge is to make your shoulders look wider. This way, you can shift the accent from the lower to the upper body. And by complementing this with flowing lines that detract from the hip area, you’ll bring your silhouette into perfect proportion.

How do you do that?

  • The shaped, trimmed sleeves will make your shoulders look wider, which is just what your figure type needs.
  • The elegant A-line skirt hides the wider hips.
  • Be sure to accentuate your waist with the elastic (in the waistline) and a belt.
  • Opt for a fabric that has a supple drape.

X and 8 types

X and 8 types have bodies that are naturally well-balanced. The shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and there is a clear waistline. Therefore, choose clothes that follow the natural shapes and accentuate the waist as much as possible.

How do you do that?

  • The elastic at the waistline is perfect for your figure type because it accentuates the waist.
  • If you want to draw even more attention to the waist, you can also add a belt.
  • Opt for a fabric with a supple drape.

The Taylor dress for V types

A V type’s centre of gravity is above the waist. V types have rather wide shoulders or a larger bust, with a narrower lower body. Your figure type should try to visually soften the shoulders. Balance your silhouette better by drawing attention away from the shoulders and directing it to the lower body.

How do you do that?

  • The shaped sleeves soften the shoulder line but the trim visibly widens the shoulders. Leave out the trim and shorten the sleeves, so your upper body doesn’t get too wide.
  • The beautiful A-line of the skirt adds extra volume to the lower body, which is just what H types need!  

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