Style advice for the Summer dress

A few general tips

  • The length of this dress depends on how tall you are and your body shape (keep reading).
  • Do you have a full bust? If so, go for wide shoulder straps or several delicate straps combined, so that they remain nicely proportionate with your bust.
  • Shorter than 165 cm? Don’t make the dress any longer than knee length. If you’re still just dying to wear an ankle length dress, make absolutely sure that the ankles are actually visible. A solid colour looks nicest, but you could also go for a subtle print or one with a vertical striped pattern to create length. Tip: if you’d like to look a little taller, put your hair up and wear a pair of heels.
  • Are you average height? You're in luck, because every version suits you: knee length, calf length and ankle length!
  • Are you taller than 175 cm? If so, the dress looks most flattering longer than knee length. Pair the dress with accessories that involve a little bling.
  • Be sure that the dress never stops at the widest part of your calves, knees.

The Summer dress for wide rectangles

Wide rectangles look absolutely lovely in the Summer dress. The subtly form-fitting line won’t accentuate the waist too much. The dress looks loveliest in a neutral, but check or striped patterns are also definitely a go. Are you slender and on the more petite side? If so, make a version that's just a bit shorter than knee length or knee length. Are you a wide rectangle with a little more to love? If so, go for a longer version. You can find out how to alter the pattern here.


The Summer dress for apples

The flowing cut of the Summer dress hides the midriff, and the lovely V neck looks flattering on you. However, in its current composition the dress doesn't add enough structure to the shoulder line. The solution: make broad ribbons/straps that you can knot at the top or pair the dress with a long blazer.

The Summer dress looks best on apples when the slender legs and ankles are visible. So, don’t make the dress any longer than calf length. Never finish the hem at the widest part of the calves. 

Go for a fabric with a fluid drape, but be sure that it’s heavy enough. Fabric with vertical stripes will create longitudinal lines across the body to make you look slenderer. A print diffuses focus across the body and doesn't overtly focus on any one specific part. If you opt for a solid, then go for a (fairly) dark shade.

Your body shape was born to wear wedges – so don’t miss out!

The Summer dress for slim rectangles

The straight cut of the Summer dress isn’t really the best match for your body shape. You can fix that though by adding more visual variation to the dress. The goal is to break up the straight composition of the dress. You can do this, for example, by using colour blocking to divide up the pattern (triangles, horizontal bands, etc.). A striking colour or pretty pattern are also good options.

Opt for a fabric with lots of texture to add more structure to your body shape.


The Summer dress for pears

For pears, the hips are the widest point of the body. The shoulders are narrower in proportion. The challenge is to make your shoulders look wider than they actually are. That helps you shift the accent from your lower, to your upper body. And by complementing this by creating the illusion of narrower hips, you'll bring your silhouette into perfect proportion.

What's nice about the Summer dress for pears is the subtle form-fitting cut; however, the dress doesn’t add enough body at the shoulders. That’s why you should make the dress with double crossed ribbons to add additional detail at the shoulder line. And pair with beautiful earrings.

Never finish the hem at the widest part of the calves. The dress looks stunning at knee or calf length.

The Summer dress for neat and full hourglasses

Both the neat and full hourglasses have a body that's naturally well-proportioned. Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. That’s why you should opt for clothing that follows your body's natural curves and always highlights your waist.

In its current form, the Summer dress doesn’t have all that much detail. However, a little more detail is just what neat and full hourglasses could use. What you want is for the dress to follow the contours of your body without clinging.

Go for a fabric with a fluid drape that gracefully accentuates your natural curves. Make a knee length or calf length dress.


The Summer dress for inverted triangles

The straight cut and V neck look fantastic for your body shape. So go for straight shoulder straps that aren’t too delicate. The straps glide nicely over the shoulders and down the back, creating a vertical line and making you look slenderer. A halter neck is also an option. The ribbons tied at the neck form lines that will also make your shoulders look slenderer.

The dress is lovely in knee, calf and ankle length versions.

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