Style advice for the Stella Top

This cropped jumper that extends just past the waist has a round neckline, decorative inserts and batwing sleeves. What makes the Stella jumper such a versatile model is that a different effect can be created depending on the fabric used..See how to tailor this jumper to your body shape here Your body shape.

Stella for the X and 8 body type // neat - and full hourglasses

The Stella jumper extends just past the waist and really helps show off your figure just that extra bit more. There’s a broad range of options for you to choose from, from light, airy fabrics to fine-knit jersey.However, stiff fabrics don’t work at all with this body type because they over-accentuate your femininity and natural curves. If you make the batwing sleeves with stiff fabric, your whole upper body immediately looks too straight and too heavy. The Stella jumper goes perfectly with skinny trousers or trousers with more of a flared leg and a somewhat higher waist, such as the Bertha trousers.The same goes for skirts. For example, you could go for a high-waisted skirt like the Pina I

Stella for the V body type // inverted triangle

Batwing sleeves are just the thing for rounding off the somewhat more angular upper body. The top's shape also helps conceal the lack of waist. Be sure though to make the top long enough to lengthen the upper body and make it less rectangular. By having the band at the bottom of the top extend to waist height, you draw extra attention to the area and help balance your figure out. 


Stella for the H body type // wide rectangle

This is the perfect jumper for accentuating your naturally sporty figure. Pairing it with flared trousers, such as the Bertha trousers makes for a fantastic look. Make sure to wear the top long enough so that your upper body doesn't look too short and the focus isn't on the horizontal line at your waist.  After all, you’re looking to avoid that effect.

Stella for the O body type // apple

If you happen to be an apple, it’s the waist you'd like to distract from. That’s why going for the short version of the Stella top isn’t a good option for you. Lengthening the top to hip height or a touch longer is recommended, along with leaving the band at the bottom off. That will help you avoid a puffy effect.That’s because the best thing for your shape is to create lengthwise lines and not extra volume.This means you should also avoid going for fabrics that are too thick or stiff. A fine knit will help you avoid too much volume and create a lovely, fluid drape.

Stella for the A body type // pear

The pear doesn’t want to draw too much attention to the upper body. That’s why a striking fabric is a good option and so is adding extra detail to the jumper (for example, creating your own printed ribbon might be niceor you could play around a bit with the direction of stripes. That will make your top a real eye-catcher. You might want to make the neckline a little broader than in the sewing instructions. That will draw attention to the shoulders and balance out your figure.Pair the jumper with flared-leg trousers (the Bertha trousers or Miyu trousers, for example) or an A-Line skirt could be nice.


Stella for the I body type // slim rectangle

The Stella jumper creates more shape and volume on anyone with a slim rectangle shape. If you have this body shape you don’t need to worry too much about adding a little extra detail. Try decorating your jumper with printed ribbons, ruffles or other details. Pair the jumper with flared-leg trousers (the Bertha trousers or Miyu trousers, for example) or an A-Line skirt could be nice.



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