Style advice for the Rosalie dress

This trendy dress is a delight to wear in the summer. It’s a breezy, loose-cut dress with sweet flounce sleeves. Would you rather have the Rosalie in a slightly more form-fitting cut? Make the dress a size smaller. Altering the length is also a snap. What works best for your body shape? Find out here!

The Rosalie dress for apples

Keep in mind that the more (optical) vertical lines there are, the more your figure benefits. Apples also don’t want to attract too much attention to the body's midriff. The Rosalie dress has a lovely loose drape, which means it also glides airily over your midriff. The V neck draws attention to the face (automatically shifting the focus away from the danger zone, the stomach). What’s more, the flounces really do capture the imagination. They're the perfect diversion!

Make a Rosalie dress that is either just above or just under knee length. Choose a fabric with a fluid drape. If you’d like to go for a print, vertical stripes across the full length of the dress are perfect for you. Horizontal lines add extra structure to your shoulder line, but only when worn at the very top.

The Rosalie dress for wide rectangles

The wide rectangle has hips and shoulders that are more or less the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waist. Your figure's proportions are nicely balanced, which makes it important to keep things that way. In plain terms: if you want to add a few extra accents at the top, then you need to do the same for the bottom.

The whimsical Rosalie dress is fantastic at disguising your lack of waist. With its lovely V neck, the dress draws all focus towards the top of your silhouette.

To retain your figure's perfect proportions, either leave the flounces off altogether, make them less pronounced or compensate by making the skirt a little more billowy. The dress looks lovely in a solid, neutral colour. Still looking for a little something extra? You can always pick a more structured fabric, one with geometric designs or stripes.


The Rosalie dress for slim rectangles

Your body shape is incredibly slender, but is also super straight and lacks a waistline. Anything that gives your body a little more shape is a good thing! That’s why you should go for the Rosalie dress with no holds barred because all the charming details will give your body more shape. The ruffles, sleeve flounces and the V neck will all add more volume to your figure.

If you’re going for a romantic look, the Rosalie dress looks absolutely lovely in a soft white fabric. However, you also can’t go wrong wearing the dress in a flashier, eye-catching colour.

The Rosalie dress for pears

Your body shape is characterised by a fuller lower body with a proportionately narrower body. To even out your figure’s proportions, the aim is to draw attention to the upper body and away from the lower. The ruffles, sleeve flounces and the V neck all add significantly more volume to your upper body, which compensates for the dress’ lack of waist. The details at the top nicely restore balance to your figure.

The perfect match for your body shape involves garments that subtly accentuate your waist. Joanne dress, Taylor dress, Vienna dress, Rosie dress, Susan dress (tightened with a belt), Dixie skirt, Jutta skirt, Willa dress, Bertha trousers + Wallys blouse.


The Rosalie dress for neat and full hourglasses

Both the neat and full hourglasses have a body that's naturally well-proportioned. Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Choose clothing styles that follow your body's natural curves and highlight your waist as much as possible. The Rosalie dress doesn't do the latter well. The lovely V neck and details at the top of the dress focus significantly on the top of your silhouette, but your waist and natural curves are completely lost in the rest of the dress. Other items that look fantastic for your body shape are the: Joanne dress, Trish dress, Wallys blouse, Jutta skirt, Dixie skirt, Kamille dress, Vienna dress, Taylor dress and Julia kimono.

The Rosalie dress for inverted triangles

Inverted triangles tend to be top-heavier. They have fairly wide shoulders and are busty; however, the lower body is narrower. The goal for your body shape is to create the illusion that your shoulders are more gently sloped. So, you can make your silhouette more proportional by drawing attention away from the shoulders and deflecting it to the lower body.

The Rosalie dress’ lovely V neck and straight cut are flattering on you. What’s more, the shaped sleeves help soften your shoulder line. The flounces focus too much on your upper body, so leaving them off altogether is a good plan. The centre of gravity is also too high due to the horizontal seam. Garments that are more flattering for your body shape include the: Mira dress, Trish dress, Violet dress, Jutta skirt, Pola dress, Riva jumpsuit, etc.

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