Style advice for the Robyn dress

The Robyn dress for inverted triangles

The straight cut of the dress is incredibly flattering on inverted triangles. Moreover, the waist of the Robyn dress is somewhat lower. The downside is that the horizontal neckline makes the shoulder line appear wider, which isn't flattering on the inverted triangle. You can solve this problem by wearing a long necklace with the dress that creates a V line.

Opt for an understated dark shade when making the dress, possibly with a more austere check pattern. The fabric ought to drape in such a way that it falls evenly around your body.

The Robyn dress for wide rectangles

The Robyn dress is a great dress for wide rectangles. The straight cut is really flattering on your figure. The lower waistline also works well for you. Go for a fabric with a fluid drape that adds more volume and shape to your body. The Robyn dress looks nicest for your body shape when worn in a solid colour or an austere check pattern.

The Robyn dress for apples

The vertical line created by the straight cut makes your figure look longer, which is perfect for the apple’s rounder figure. The dress focusses too much on the waist currently, which isn't flattering for your body shape. Try and shift the emphasis by wearing the belt low enough and, for example, only tying it at the back. Don’t make the dress too long. Just show off those lovely slender legs instead!


The Robyn dress for pears

The wider neckline creates a nice counterweight to your hips. What’s more, the understated bottom of the dress also looks lovely. However, the Robyn’s straight cut doesn’t put enough emphasis on your waist. Is your heart set on looking stunning in this dress? Well, then you'll need to draw attention to the top of your body. Make sure you’re wearing plenty of accessories, a striking necklace or earrings for example. Keep things plain around the bottom of your silhouette. For instance, don't wear shoes that are too showy.

The Robyn dress for neat and full hourglasses

The straight cut of the Robyn dress is actually too shapeless for your body shape. It hides your beautiful, natural curves. Are you still enchanted by this dress? Then be sure to go for an over-the-top feminine fabric, such as satin. It has a lovely fluid drape. A solid is also the right choice, finished off with sophisticated accessories, such as a long necklace or a bracelet, for example.

The Robyn dress for slim rectangles

The goal for slim rectangles is to create extra volume. The asymmetrical dress with drape adds more body to your straight figure. In other words, it’s the dress for your body shape. Make the dress in a striking colour or in satin. Go for a fabric that’s heavy enough.

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