Style advice for the Pola dress

The Pola dress – also known as a prairie dress or a Western dress – is popping up everywhere. It’s the dress in a print, however, that’s most popular. The length is what makes this dress so fantastic. That said, ankle length dresses don’t look great on everyone. Read on to find out how you can make the Pola dress perfect for your figure!

Are you shorter than 165 cm?

Go for the knee length version. The alteration is a snap: just leave off the bottom piece. What's more, this cuts down on the dress volume, which flatters your figure better.

Is the long version still more your cup of tea? No problem! Just be sure that your ankles can definitely be seen. In this case, you should also consider a solid colour. If you heart is still set on a print, opt for one that has a subtle pattern or go for a fabric with vertical stripes.

Show off your curves. You can do that by tightening the waist with a belt. The tunnel with the belt creates a horizontal line just below the bust, which attracts more attention to this area. The result is that your body looks longer.

Tip: wear your hair up with this dress and wear heels. You can create the illusion of length by avoiding accessories at the neck. Your shoes will also add a few extra centimetres.

Skirt length doesn't matter much for women of average height: they all look nice.

Tall women look lovely in knee length skirts and dresses, but the ankle length Pola is the one that’s to die for. Select a fabric with a design that proportionate to your height and posture. Avoid overly tiny or delicate patterns.

Striking accessories with this dress are a definite yes. For example, a belt in a different colour, shoes in a bright shade, a large, eye-catching handbag, etc...


The wide rectangle, apple and slim rectangle

What connects these shapes is either a lack of waist or one that's a touch too wide. The solution is to draw attention away from the waist. The V-notch neckline, the belt under the bust, or the ruffles at the bottom are all elements that help draw the eye away from the waist.

Tip: if you're big-busted, don’t cinch the belt too tightly. Otherwise you'll achieve the exact opposite of what you're going for.

The inverted triangle

Your body's centre of gravity is in the bust and shoulder area. The main goal here should be to draw more focus towards your lower body to help even out your proportions. The good news is that the bottom band of ruffles on the long version of the Pola do just that! The V-notch neckline also helps mellow out the effect of the upper body.


The pear

The pear's centre of gravity is below the waistline. That means the top of your figure should receive all the attention. The V-notch neckline and the belt slightly cinched at the empire waist help contribute to this.

Make the knee length version of the Pola in a fabric with a fluid drape. By leaving the bottom band of ruffles off, you make sure that your lower body stands out a little less.

The neat and full hourglass

Both hourglass shapes are well proportioned. The Pola dress is not a good match for the neat hourglass. The dress doesn’t do justice to its natural waistline.

The full hourglass, in contrast, can wear the knee length version, provided that the skirt doesn’t bell out too far at the bottom. Avoid skirts with too much volume to achieve the most flattering effect for your figure.


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