Style advice for the Pina skirt

The Pina skirt is the perfect basic wardrobe item and very easy to combine but you should make it at the right length to suit your figure, height, weight, leg shape etc so that the model comes into its own. Read on to discover the full styling advice. 

The Pina skirt is absolutely gorgeous but should be made in the right length to suit your figure, height, weight, leg shape etc. Read on to find out how you can do that. 

Your height:

  • If you are under 5 ft 4”: A simple straight model at knee length (just above, on, or under the knee) without excessive details is the perfect model for you! The vertical ribbingin the fabric (rib knit fabric) and the split in the side seam give additional vertical lines that optically lengthen your body. Win-win! 
  • If you are average height then you can wear the skirt at any length. 
  • Tall womencan get away with a maxi skirt; try to avoid a short skirt above all. 

Your figure/weight:

  • If you are slender and delicate, select a skirt length just above the knee. 
  • If you are curvaceous, then make the skirt longer. Skirts that stop above the knee make you look heavier. 

Shape of your legs:

All the attention goes to where the skirt ends. If you have wide calves or lower legs then make sure the hem of the skirt ends just under or above the widest part of your calves. 

Pina I

Your body type:

  • If you are a woman with a fuller waist (H type, O type)then you are best opting for a straight skirt that draws the attention to your beautiful slim legs and away from your waist. The split in the side seam is the ideal eye catcher that will also draw the attention away from the waist. The Pina I– the version without a waistband – is the best model for your body type. A waistband namely makes a horizontal line at the waistline which draws too much attention for this body type.


  • If you have alow balance (centre of gravity at your lower body: A type, 8 type, X type) then make the skirt in a dark colour and combine it with a (chunky) knitted jumper in a light or striking colour, or even a loose satin blouse tucked into the skirt. Light, bold colours, shiny fabrics and textured fabrics will be the first thing people notice. The dark colour of the skirt will fade into the background, which will optically balance out your upper and lower body.


  • If you are a woman with a high balance (centre of gravity at the height of the shoulders and chest: V type) then draw all the attention to the skirt by selecting a striking fabric, for example, with sequins! Combine it with a dark cardigan worn open over a top in a light colour. This will make your upper body look thinner. You draw attention to your middle by making your upper body darker so it gains less attention 


  • If you are tall and slender with few defined curves(I type) then make the skirt in a lovely, striking print or add additional details to create more volume at hip height. Combine the skirt with a blouse or a top with ruffles. This will create more layers and volume.


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Pina rekbare stof
Pina rekbare stof