Style advice for the Peaches trousers

What a beautiful model! This true classic is making its return to the world of fashion, and rightly so! The high waist, wide legs, and handy pockets give the pleated trousers a playful touch. Plus, the trousers pair perfectly with the Kai blazer. Wear both in the same colour to keep up with the latest trend in monochrome outfits. Trimmed pockets on the back are an option, but certainly not a requirement. Read on for all the tips by figure type!

The Peaches trousers for O types

Your figure benefits from as many (visual) vertical lines as possible and no attention drawn to the middle zone of your body. These two aspects give your figure a more balanced look.

How do you do that?

  • Choose trousers with straight legs. This is ideal for O type because it creates a vertical line across your body.
  • Wearing the same colour - preferably quite dark for a slimming effect - on your upper and lower body also visually stretches the silhouette.
  • Wear your tops over the trousers, rather than tucked into them. We don’t want to draw attention to the middle zone!
  • Opt for a V-neck. High-necked tops, blouses, or solid blocks of colour are to be avoided. Unless you break these up with beautiful, striking accessories such as a chunky necklace.
  • Draw attention to your shoulders and face by wearing eye-catching earrings or a chunky necklace.
  • You can accentuate the wrists by rolling up the sleeves of your top and adding a bracelet.
  • Choose a supple fabric that drapes nicely.

The Peaches trousers for H types

H types’ shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. Your figure is well-balanced. So it’s important to maintain that balance. The only thing missing is a clear waist.

How do you do that?

  • If you add extra volume to your lower body, do the same to your upper body.
  • Choose a straight cut that gives more shape to your figure.
  • The ideal trousers for H types have straight, slim legs. Make sure the waistband fits nicely and is not too tight. Combine with the (waisted) Kai blazer to create a beautiful and balanced silhouette.
  • Do whatever possible to create a V-shape. So choose tops with a V-neck.
  • A top that makes the shoulders straight and wider - like the Kai blazer - combined with flared Peaches trousers gives your figure a waist.
  • Let the top come down to below the hip bone.
  • Draw attention to your upper body and create a break at your waist by wearing different colours on your upper and lower body. Wear a dark colour on your lower body and a lighter shade on your upper body. This will give you a visible waist and your straight figure gains more volume in the right places.
  • Vertical, diagonal, or graphic patterns are ideal for you!
  • Both stiffer and supple fabrics are good. The Peaches trousers in a stiffer fabric give more shape to your lower body by creating an A-line. The trousers in a supple fabric give more playfulness and movement to your lower body.

The Peaches trousers for A types

The widest point of an A type’s body is the hips. The shoulders are then much narrower in comparison. The challenge is to make your shoulders look wider. This way, you can shift the accent from the lower to the upper body.

How do you do that?

  • Pants with a slight bootcut or slightly flared legs make your hips look narrower.
  • Make your shoulders visually wider by choosing a top with puffed sleeves, cap sleeves, or striking details at shoulder height, such as bows or buttons. A blazer with shoulder pads or a wide, eye-catching collar is also possible.
  • A top paired with a coarsely knitted cardigan and some accessories is a good combination for your figure type.
  • We want to create a waist but the transition from upper to lower body should always be smooth.
  • Choose a dark colour for your lower body and a striking colour for your upper body. This way, you counterbalance your hips and balance out your body more.
  • Rounder A types should choose supple fabrics. Straighter A types will benefit from a stiffer fabric.
  • Soft, round patterns such as polka dots or floral prints are ideal for round A types. Straight patterns such as checks are perfect for straight A types.Choose a top that ends above the widest part of your hips. 

The Peaches trousers for I types

I types have a very slim, straight figure and lack a clear waist. We want to create that waist.

How do you do that?

  • Make sure to add enough pleats, pockets, and other hip accents to the Peaches trousers to give more curves to your lower body.
  • Your top should also have more volume at the bust. This is how you create a waistline.
  • Your figure type will look good in brightly coloured Peaches trousers or with a striking print on the trousers.
  • Choose a fabric that gives your body some structure.
  • Play with patterns. For example, wear the trousers in a floral print and add a top with horizontal stripes.
  • Your waist appears narrower by visually broadening your shoulders. Combine the trousers with a top with puffed sleeves, a boat neck, or horizontal stripes.

The Peaches trousers for X types

Your body is naturally well-balanced. Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Therefore, choose clothes that follow your natural shapes and accentuate the waist as much as possible.

How do you do that?

  • Pants with a straight leg or a slight bootcut are ideal for your figure type.
  • Choose supple fabrics that follow your natural curves.
  • Combine the Peaches trousers with a top that has a pretty neckline.
  • Don’t add any accessories. Less is more for X types.

The Peaches trousers for 8 types

8 types have shoulders that are slightly narrower or just as wide as the hips. You have a subtle waist but your hips are higher (compared to X types). 8 types should try to accentuate this waistline.

How do you do that?

  • Pants with a straight leg or a slight bootcut will look good on you.
  • Choose a supple fabric that drapes nicely.
  • A subtle print is good for your figure type.
  • Combine the Peaches trousers with a top that has a pretty neckline. A V-neck is ideal. This way, you can visually stretch the upper body.
  • Oversized tops are a no-no for 8 types.

The Peaches trousers for V types

V types have fairly wide shoulders compared to their lower body. Your figure type should try to visually narrow the shoulders. Draw attention away from the shoulders and direct it to the lower body.

How do you do that?

  • The Peaches trousers with flared or wide legs will look great on you!
  • Add plenty of details - such as pockets and pleats - at hip height. This will give your lower body more volume.
  • Your top should not hang past your hips.
  • Work with fine layers for the upper body. Your figure type should avoid thick, heavy jumpers or short (bolero-style) cardigans. They add extra (unwanted) volume to the heaviest part of your body.
  • Choose dark, subtle colours for your top and striking prints or bright colours for your trousers or skirt. This will draw attention away from your upper body.
  • The Peaches trousers with straight, graphic prints are certainly a possibility for your figure type.
  • Make the Peaches trousers in a stiffer fabric that provides a lot of structure to your lower body. Your top can be made in a supple fabric.

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