Style advice for the Mira dress

This trendy dress is a delight in the summer. It is a fresh dress with a loose cut and a beautiful A-line. Do you want the dress to be a little more form-fitting? You can alter it in no time. You can also easily alter the length. Or turn it into a romantic bohemian dress, if you wish. What suits your figure type best? Discover it here.

The Mira dress for O types

Remember that your figure benefits from as many (visual) vertical lines as possible. O types do not want to draw attention to the middle zone of the body either. These are two aspects that, when well-balanced, give your figure a more proportional look.

How do you do that?

  • The Mira dress falls loosely over the middle zone of your body, so it’s suitable for your figure type.
  • Keep the dress from being too bulky by avoiding too many gathers in the skirt.
  • Try to play with details and accessories that make vertical lines down your body.

The Mira dress for H types

H types’ shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waist. Your figure is well-balanced. So it’s important to maintain that balance. This means, specifically, that if you add extra volume to your lower body, you should do the same to your upper body.

How do you do that?

  • The playful dress hides your straight figure and the lack of a waist. The Mira dress looks great on your figure type.
  • Keep the dress from being too bulky at the bottom by avoiding too many gathers in the skirt, so you can keep your body in balance.
  • Add extra details at chest or shoulder height or wear jewellery that gives extra attention to your upper body to compensate for the volume at the lower body. 

The Mira dress for I types

Your figure type is very slim but lacks a waist, meaning it’s a very straight figure. I types want to have visual curves.

How do you do that?

  • The gathered strips and cute details on the dress give shape to your figure.
  • Keep your body in balance by combining the extra volume at the bottom of the dress with striking jewellery such as large earrings or an eye-catching necklace.

The Mira dress for A types

Your figure type has a solid lower body and a relatively very narrow upper body. To balance your figure, we will draw the focus to the upper body and away from the lower body.

How do you do that?

  • The Mira dress isn’t really recommended for your figure type.
  • Your figure type needs garments that accentuate your waist.
  • Garments that look great on your figure type are: the Taylor dress, Vienna dress, Rosie dress, Susan dress (cinched in with a belt), Dixie skirt, Willa dress, Bertha trousers, and Wallys blouse, among others.

The Mira dress for X and 8 types

X and 8 types have bodies that are naturally well-balanced. The shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and there is a clear waistline. Therefore, choose clothes that follow the natural shapes and accentuate the waist as much as possible.

How do you do that?

  • The Mira dress is not that great for X and 8 types because it doesn’t follow the natural shapes and hides the waistline.
  • Garments that emphasise your natural shapes and accentuate your waist are a definite ‘yes’.
  • Don’t choose skirts that are too bulky.
  • Garments that look great on your figure type are: the Wallys blouse, Dixie skirt, Chamomile dress, Vienna dress, Taylor dress, and Julia kimono, among others

The Mira dress for V types

A V type’s centre of gravity is above the waist. V types have rather wide shoulders or a larger bust, with a narrower lower body. Your figure type should try to visually soften the shoulders. Balance your silhouette better by drawing attention away from the shoulders and directing it to the lower body.

How do you do that?

  • The width of the Mira dress at the bottom provides a nice counterweight to your wider shoulders.
  • Your ideal dress should make your shoulders look narrower and add extra volume to the bottom of your body. So the Mira dress is a fantastic garment for you!

More Style Advice

fabric F91005/400

Fabric for the Mira

Do you want to make the Mira dress in the same fabric? Then view our fabric page to see where you can buy it. We used two different fabrics for the Mira, each with a different effect.


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Mira is a hip little, loose-cut A-line summer dress. Interested in something a little more form-fitting? Make the bands slightly narrower so that there’s less fabric to ruffle. Do you dream about romantic dresses? Try sewing decorative ribbons between the seams.

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