Style advice for the Kamille dress

A black and pink velvet dress: that is Kamille! An absolute must-have in your wardrobe. The dress is always stylish; wonderfully festive or practical and chic. Celebrate your femininity and discover how your figure can shine in this beautiful dress!

Styling advice for X types

The Kamille dress is definitely one for you because it is important for X body types to accentuate the waist. The figure-hugging cut, the V-neck – that almost literally points to the waist – and the waist-high button details are perfect for that!

Extra tip: Do not use a very thin tricot fabric because it will accentuate any imperfections as it clings too tightly to your body. 

Styling advice for 8 types

If you have a figure 8 body type and a waistline everyone is jealous of, then accentuate it! Because your point of gravity is below the waist, you are best emphasising your upper body to balance your figure. The Kamille dress does that perfectly. The relatively figure-hugging cut and the button details draw all the attention to the waist. The pleats provide enough detail to the upper body. 

Extra tip: Do not use a very thin tricot fabric because it will accentuate any imperfections as it clings too tightly to your body.


Styling advice for V types

People with a V body type have a high balance, meaning your body’s point of gravity is above your waist. Your shoulders are thus wider than your hips. The ideal dress for the V body type should make the shoulders optically smaller and the hips more voluminous. 

The V-neck leads the attention to the middle of your upper body and to the waist and away from your broad shoulders. Your upper body is divided up in to smaller sections by the V-shape of the neckline. The pleats catch the eye at right place. 

Styling advice for H types

If you have a straight figure then it is important for you to optically create a waist for more shape. The V-neck draws the eye to the middle of your body. The button detail and pleats create movement and that is just what your figure needs. 

Extra tip: You can also choose a fabric with a print.

Styling advice for O types

With your figure you should avoid drawing attention to your middle because that is where you have the most volume. Accentuate your beautiful legs, neck or decollate. Your legs should be seen so make the dress knee-length so it falls just above the slimmest part of your legs. Your body type requires a straighter cut, so make the dress less fitting by leaving out the darts/contour seams in the back or by making the pattern sections straighter at the side seams. 

Extra tip: Choose a plain, dark, less distinctive fabric and combine the dress with striking earrings. That will draw the attention to the upper part of your body.


Styling advice for A types

If you are a woman with an A body type then your hips are broader than your shoulders and you have a slimmer upper body compared to your lower body. Due to the cut and the button detail at the waist you draw attention to your waist; an absolute must for your body type.

The V-neck and pleats provide give that added touch to the upper body. They distract attention from your hips and thighs and balance your figure beautifully. 

Extra tip: You could make the skirt hem wider to give it more of an A-line effect. 

Styling advice for I types

The Kamille dress is thedress to give your straight figure a bit more shape. The button detail at waist height and the V-neck draw all the attention to the middle of your body. A flowing, supple fabric and printed fabrics also help with that. 


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