Style advice for the Joanne dress

The Joanne dress for neat hourglasses

Your body shape could do with a little more emphasis at the waist, which is exactly what the form-fitting cut and lovely V neck do. Simplicity is a virtue, which is definitely true when it comes to neat hourglasses. Don't put too much fringe on the dress and go for a solid colour. Choose a stiff fabric that still falls gracefully enough over the buttocks.

The Joanne dress for full hourglasses

The Joanne dress nicely emphasises your natural curves. The cut and V neck emphasise your waist. That’s why you should opt for a fabric with a fluid drape that gently hugs your body's curves: crepe, silk, viscose, etc. Avoid stiff fabrics.

This dress looks lovely in a delicate floral print or a dark water colour.

The Joanne dress for inverted triangles

Inverted triangles are characterised by wide shoulders, which is why the goal is to draw attention away from the shoulders. The solution is easy: a V neck! The skirt’s A line cut also provides a great counterweight to your wide shoulders. Both balance out the proportions of your silhouette.

Don't put too much fringe on the dress and go for an edgy, sporty look with straight lines. This suits your figure best. And that’s why a straight hemline is your best option for the closure.

Again, the best option for retaining that straight line is also to go for a solid or any kind of striped pattern.

The fabric can be a little stiffer, but still needs to not billow or flare too much. Consider linen, cotton or elasticised fabrics as options, as long as they're flexible, but stiff enough at the same time.


The Joanne dress for wide rectangles

Your straight body shape lacks a waistline. The Joanne dress solves that problem. The lovely V neck and A line skirt draw attention to the centre of your silhouette, which creates a waistline. Opt for something simple without too much fringe so that you retain your silhouette's balance.

Show off your lovely legs by making the Joanne dress knee length. Geometric shapes, check or stripes will add that something extra to your dress. The perfect fabric is just a tiny bit stiff, but still has enough flow to it. Gabardine, linen and cotton are good options.

The Joanne dress for apples

The apple's danger zone is the midriff, which is why the goal is to draw focus away from there towards your lovely legs, neck or décolletage. The V neck and A line already accentuate the top and bottom of your body. Make the dress knee length, or otherwise just above the most slender part of your legs.

Extra tip: go for a solid or dark colour. Stay away from bright or flashy fabrics. Pair it with earrings with bling. That will help you draw even more attention to your upper body.


The Joanne dress for pears

Are you a pear-shaped woman? Then your hips are wider than your shoulders. What’s nice about the Joanne dress for pears is that the tailored cut emphasises the upper body, which means detracting it from the wider hips. The V neck and the shape of the waistband also accentuate the upper body, which nicely balances out your figure. This kind of skirt softens the shape of your wider hips. Pears should preferably make the Joanne dress in a solid. Although another option would be to go for a more vibrant top and a solid skirt.

Go for a stiff fabric that still falls loosely enough over the buttocks.

The Joanne dress for slim rectangles

The slim rectangles have finally found the perfect dress: the Joanne! The V neck, waistband and A line skirt make your straight figure jump for joy because all those things give your body more shape. It gives you a clear waistline and lovely curves. However, you should stay away from vertical stripes, because they emphasize even more your straight figure. Instead, go for a fabric with a fluid drape that's either slightly textured or has a print.


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