Style advice for the Holly-dress

Style advice for the Holly dress

The Holly dress has a high neckline and standing collar that draws all eyes to the upper part of your body; it makes your neck look shorter, your upper body longer and accentuates the bust.

General advice

NO GO for women with:

  • a large bust
  • a short neck or double chin

AN ABSOLUTE GO for women:

  • with a small or no bust
  • a long neck

Are you shorter than 165 cm?

    You'll look nicest in a version that ends just above the knee. Is the long version still more your cup of tea? That can work too, just be sure your ankles are still showing.
    Make the dress in a print but be sure to choose one with a subtle design (not too chaotic) or go for a vertical stripe.
    Show off your curves by tightening the waist with a belt. Go for heels too to add a few more centimetres to your height.

Are you taller than 172 cm?

    Just below the knee is a good length for you. However, what’s sure to make you dazzle is the maxi-length Holly.
    A print or design will look flattering on you. Go for large, bold prints.
    Go for accessories with eye-catching appeal: a belt in a different colour, shoes in a striking colour or in a print, a large handbag, etc.
Pattern Holly

What about everything between?

Anything goes: knee length, calf length or maxi...

You can find out how to alter the length of the dress here

What works (and what doesn’t) for your body shape

Holly dress for O-types

For O-types, the Holly dress is a great choice. It has a loose cut, doesn’t accentuate the waist, and creates a vertical line that lengthens your silhouette, i.e. has a slimming effect.

What’s more, the standing collar and the pleats at the neck draw attention away from the waist, otherwise known as your ‘danger zone’.

Do be careful though... This dress only works if you don’t have a large bust or a short neck!

Holly dress for H-types

No large bust and no short neck? Then you'll look like a dream in the Holly dress. This straight, gently flared dress is the perfect cut for you. There’s no focus on the waist, which is the perfect disguise for the fact that you haven’t got one! It has a nice balance between the details at the top of the dress (the pleats at the neckline and the standing collar) and the slightly flared bottom of the dress.

Holly dress for I-types

The details at the neck, the collar, the bishop sleeves and the colourful floral print all work to make the Holly dress the perfect dress for your body shape. All those extras give your straight, slender figure more volume.

Make the dress in a colour that really stands out or in fabric with a lovely print and be sure to avoid sombre, dark colours.


Holly dress for A-types

The collar and pleats at the neck of the Holly dress draw attention to the upper body. That makes it an absolute star for pears. The gently flared shape of the dress bottom is truly flattering for your body shape. Tip: tighten at the waist to highlight that area a bit more and make the dress in fabric with a fluid drape.

Holly dress for X- en 8-types

What’s important for your body shape is that the dress plays on your natural curves and accentuates your waist. You can make that happen if you tighten the Holly dress at the waist.

Do be careful though... This dress only works if your bust isn't too large and you don't have a short neck. Your body shape is still flattered more by dresses with an open neckline instead of a high one. 

Holly dress for V-types

Your body shape is best served by shifting the focus from the upper body to the lower. The collar and pleats at the neck draw attention to the wrong place. What does work for you are the bishop sleeves because they add a little volume to the hip area, which is good for your body shape. Your shoulders also look narrower due to the tapered sleeve insert.

Tip: make the dress in fabric with a fluid drape and don’t tighten at the waist (avoid focus on the waist).