Style Advice for the Filippa Dress

A minimalistic, loose shirt dress with voluminous, eye-catching bishop sleeves. This dress can be worn loose or be gathered in for a more tailored look.

Filippa for H types / the wide rectangle

The Philippa Dress does wonders for your figure. If you want, you could accentuate the waist with a delicate belt.

Filippa for V types / the inverted triangle

Your silhouette is characterized by a fuller upper body and narrow hips. The flowing shape of the dress and the puffed sleeves create a sense of balance where broader shoulders are involved. By extending the sleeves a little, you can create more volume in the hip area. Here how to lengthen your sleeves.

Filippa for X types / the neat hourglass

The ¾-length sleeve length on this dress will do wonders for your type of figure. What is important is that you accentuate your waist; a belt will do this nicely.


Filippa for O types / the apple

The hidden button closure at the front creates a vertical line down the center of your body, giving you the appearance of being more slender. Draw the focus toward your shoulders and face by leaving the upper buttons unbuttoned. Wearing a pair of earrings with some bling is definitely recommended. Opt for a longer sleeve length to detract from the volume at the center of the body. Here how to lengthen your sleeves. The dress looks nicest worn loose; however, a belt (not too thin) can also work too.

Filippa for A types/ the pear

The focal point here is on the hips, which means it's important to balance these out with the rest of the body. You can achieve this by shifting the focus more on the shoulders. The puffed, bishop sleeves will definitely help you in this area. Unbutton the top buttons of the dress too. That way the collar falls open, shifting the focus onto the shoulders. You can highlight your waist by adding a belt. Gently twine the belt around to create a subtle transition from the upper body to the lower.

Filippa for I types / the slim rectangle

The billowing sleeves of this dress also add a little more shape to your body, which is what it’s all about when it comes to the slim rectangle. The sleeves look lovely full-length or rolled up to 3/4 length. Here how to lengthen your sleeves.

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