Style advice for the Faye-dress

Faye-dress for O-types

The apple's aim is to create as many vertical lines as possible and draw attention away from the midriff. That means the Faye’s accent on the waist doesn’t do apples any favours. Dresses that suit the apple better are the Gusta, Rosalie or Trish dresses.

Tip: be careful about choosing your dress length. Knee length is the way to go! That way you draw attention to your gorgeous legs.

Faye-dress for H-types

Wide rectangles have shoulders and hips that are more or less the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waist. Your figure is naturally well-balanced.

The Faye dress preserves this balance thanks to its lovely details: the flap, 3/4-length cuffed sleeves and wide, circle skirt. This gives your figure even more shape and creates the illusion of a slender waist!

Shorten the dress a little if you'd like to showcase your legs. See how to easily alter the dress length here.

Faye-dress for I-types

Slim rectangles are quite slender, but they lack a waist. That means the Faye is a dream come true for you!

This dress has everything your slender, straight figure needs to give it more volume: the flap at the front, the pleats, the 3/4-length cuffed sleeves, the elegant circle skirt... Say goodbye to those straight lines.

This minimalistic dress looks lovely in plain fabric; however, your figure can afford that little extra, so patterned fabric is also a great option.


Faye-dress for A-types

The hips are the widest part of a pear's body and the shoulders are comparatively narrower. The challenge is to emphasise the upper body enough to create a nice balance with the (wider) lower body. Hello, Faye!

The horizontal line created by the flap at the bust creates the illusion of width. The 3/4-length cuffed sleeves have the same effect, while also drawing attention to the waist.

The stylish skirt disguises any hips that might be a touch too wide, which is a definite plus point!

Always be sure that the waist is sufficiently highlighted. Tip: wear a belt to accent the waist just that little bit extra.

Opt for a flowing fabric, with a fluid drape.

Faye-jurk voor X-types

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Your body is naturally well-proportioned.

The most flattering garments play on your natural curves and accentuate your waistline. That means adding a belt to the dress is a definite yes when it comes to putting your waist even more in the spotlight.

Opt for fabric with a fluid drape.


Faye-dress for 8-types

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Your body is naturally well-proportioned.

The Faye dress does a great job sufficiently emphasising the waistline, but the dress is too restrictive at the top. The billowy skirt also isn’t the best for your figure. The solution? Make the dress a little shorter and choose fabric with a very fluid drape. Leave the top buttons unbuttoned to subtly highlight your bust.

Faye-dress for V-types

Inverted triangles tend to be top-heavy. What that means is that your shoulders are the widest point on your body or that you have a larger bust. You're more slender past the waist and have narrow hips. To create a balanced silhouette, it’s important to add some extra volume to the lower body (without overdoing it) and tone down the shoulders.

The elegant circle skirt adds the volume you’re looking for to the lower body. The understated, minimalistic neckline is helpful because it detracts attention from the upper body.

However, the horizontal line created by the flap overemphasises the width of your upper body, making it less than ideal. Omit the flap to reduce the visual weight at the top of the dress.

Pattern Faye