Style advice for the Dixie skirt

This nonchalant, playful skirt remains a trendy item. A long row of buttons down the front and convenient side pockets give this skirt that special extra touch. What’s more, the Dixie skirt is a guaranteed star in any length: calf-length, knee high, or fashionably long. Check out our best tips on how to make the Dixie skirt work for your body shape here!

The Dixie skirt for O-types

Keep in mind that the more (optical) vertical lines there are, the better your figure looks. O-types also don’t want to attract too much attention to the body's midsection. By applying just the right amount of both these tips, you can give your figure a more balanced look.

So how do you start?

  • Make sure the row of buttons are down the front. By doing this, you literally create a vertical line.
  • Elongate your silhouette by wearing the skirt and the top in the same – preferably darker – colour.
  • Combine the skirt with a V-neck top. High-necked and/or monochrome tops and blouses are a definite no. If you decide to go with a solid colour anyway, be sure to wear a striking necklace too. It’s a good way to optically break up the upper body into different parts.
  • O-types often have slim, elegant ankles, which should – without a doubt – be shown off. So be sure to alter the skirt length so that your ankles show. Click here to find out how to alter the skirt length.
  • Put all the focus on your shoulders and face. Wear earrings with plenty of bling, a necklace or a unique detail at the shoulders.
  • Accentuating your wrists is also a great idea. This: a top with rolled up sleeves, rolled cuffs or 3/4-length sleeves. You can take that effect up a notch by wearing a bracelet.
  • The skirt is perfect for apples because the it doesn’t have a well-defined waistband. It’s a great accent (or lack thereof!) for making sure that focus is diverted from the midsection.
  • Go for a fabric with a fluid drape, one that hangs nicely. That will create a subtle A- or vertical line.
  • Go for a delicate print that diffuses attention across the body. Soft, round patterns, flowers for instance, are a nice choice.

Dixie skirt for H-types.

H-types have hips and shoulders that are more or less the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waist. Your figure's proportions are nicely balanced, which makes it important to keep things that way. In plain terms: if you want to add a few extra accents at the top, then you need to do the same for the bottom.

So how do you do it?

  • Go for a straight cut, or a cut that gives your body a little more shape.
  • The goal is to give your upper body as much of a V-shape as possible. You can do this, for example, by wearing a V-neck top.
  • Create a well-defined waist by ensuring a wider straighter look for the shoulders and making the Dixie skirt flared.
  • Make your upper body look longer by wearing a top that falls just under the hips. For you, the Dixie skirt will looks best knee-length, since it helps emphasise your lovely legs. Click here to find out how to alter the skirt length.
  • What’s key for wide rectangles is creating a waist. You can play with colour to create a dividing line that does just this. One example is to make the top in a dark colour and go for a lighter-coloured skirt.
  • Stiffer fabrics, such as cotton poplin or linen are both excellent choices. These fabrics create a natural A-line, giving your body more shape. Fabrics with a more subtle drape, in contrast will give your lower body a little more oomph.
  • Vertical, diagonal patterns or graphic prints are exactly what you need.

Dixie skirt for A-types

Your body shape is characterised by a fuller lower body and a relatively narrow upper body. To even out your figure’s proportions, the aim is to draw attention to the upper body and away from the lower body.

So how do you do it?

  • The vertical row of buttons down the front will give the lower body the illusion of being longer. By adding pleats to the skirt, you lighten the lower body and make it look slenderer.
  • Approach the upper body by going for the opposite tack. Horizontal lines on the top will do the trick, i.e., go for a boat neck or wide horizontal stripes.
  • You can optically widen the shoulders too by going for a top with bishop sleeves, cap sleeves, lots of details like buttons and bows or a blazer with shoulder pads. Another nice option would be to go for a top that has a broad, striking collar.
  • Use layers to give your upper body more volume. What that could mean: a top with a knit cardigan and loads of accessories.
  • Accentuating the waist is a goal, but it has to be done subtly. That means you should always go for a lovely, flowing transition between your upper and lower body.
  • Be sure to create a nice play using colours and prints. You'll want to go for a dark colour for the lower body and keep things understated. For your upper body though, bright colours and busy prints are a fantastic option.
  • A-types with curves are best off going for a fluid drape when making the Dixie skirt. Pears with a straighter figure, in contrast, look nice in stiffer fabrics that give more structure.
  • Curvy A-types look lovely in polka dot fabrics or floral patterns. Straight pears should go for more geometric patterns, checks for instance. Try and keep the skirt as understated as possible.
  • You should keep the overwhelming focus on your upper body. To do this, go for a short top that stops just above the hips.

Dixie skirt for 8-types

8-types have shoulders that are somewhat narrower or the same width as the hips. Your waist is subtle, but your hips are higher (compared to the X-types). That means 8-types should try and accentuate their waistlines.

So how do you do it?

  • Narrow the skirt at the bottom.
  • Pair the skirt with a top with a pretty neckline; a V-neck, for instance, looks stunning with you figure.
  • Avoid oversized tops.
  • Go for fabrics with a fluid drape and that fall in a way that gives the skirt a straighter look.
  • Don’t be afraid to go for subtle prints.

Dixie skirt for V-types

V-types have fairly broad shoulders in comparison with the lower body. The goal for your body shape is to create an illusion that makes your shoulders look narrower. So draw focus away from the shoulders, deflecting it to the lower body instead.

So how do you do it?

  • Give the lower body more volume by giving the Dixie skirt pleats, for example.
  • Go for tops that end at the hips. Use delicate layers for the upper body. Try and stay away from thick, bulky jumpers or short boleros They won’t do your body shape any favours.
  • Dark colours and subtle prints will look nicer on your upper body. Don't be afraid to go for eye-catching colours and prints for the skirt though!
  • The skirt fabric will look great in straight, graphic or geometric patterns. Checks are a good option.
  • Go for fabrics that have a fluid drape when you're choosing a top and pair it with a Dixie skirt made in a stiffer fabric.  

Dixie skirt for X-types

Your body is naturally well-proportioned. Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Choose clothing styles that follow your body's natural curves and highlight your waist as much as possible.

So how do you do it?

  • Pair with a top that has a lovely neckline.
  • Forget about accessories, because where neat hourglasses are concerned – less is more.
  • Select a fabric with a fluid drape. one that gracefully hugs your natural curves.

Dixie skirt for I-types

Your body shape is incredibly slim but is also super straight and lacks a waistline. The goal of I-types is to create the illusion of curves.

So how do you do it?

  • Create layers on the skirt for additional volume.
  • Make an A-line skirt.
  • Make sure the skirt has extra pleating.
  • Go for a top that adds more volume to the bust area. For example, wear a top with bishop sleeves, a boat neck or horizontal stripes. That helps ‘stretch’ your shoulders and makes your waist appear slenderer.
  • Mix & match with bright colours and eye-catching prints. This: a floral print skirt and a top with horizontal stripes.
  • Stiff, sturdy fabrics give your body more structure, so be sure to avoid flimsier, thinner fabrics.

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