Style advice for the Cosette top

Cosette top for O-types

The centre of gravity on the O-types body is the midriff, which is why drawing attention away from that area is a must. That's why you should emphasise other areas, such as the face, shoulders, legs, wrists, etc. The bracelet sleeves, recessed pleat at the back, and the A-line cut all do this marvellously. What’s more, the straight, loose cut disguises the midriff. In short, the Cosette top looks fantastic on you!

Tip: make the top long enough – extending at least past the fullest part of your stomach.

The Cosette top looks great with a pair of straight or bootcut jeans. A skirt with a straight or A-line cut also looks nice when paired with the Cosette top.

Opt for fabric with a fluid drape. Fabrics with a delicate design are perfect for camouflaging certain areas. They provide visual ‘chaos’ so that the eye doesn't focus on any one point.

By wearing the top and bottom in the same colour, you create a lengthening effect. Tip: wear a long necklace over the top.

Cosette top for I-types

The I-types quite slender, straight figure lacks ‘a little body’. And that’s what we’d like to tackle. Meet the Cosette top! It has a slightly flared cut and a playful recessed pleat at the back. More shape? Check!

Pair with wide leg trousers or a wrap or flared skirt.

Play with prints – so jacquard? Yes please! Floral and striped patterns are also great options.

Go for fabric with a heavy drape that gives your figure the structure it needs.


Cosette top for H-types

H-types are nicely balanced between the shoulders and hips but lack a waist. That’s why the goal is to retain your figure's nice proportions. You can do that in one of two ways – either you create a waist or hide the waist. We went with the second option for the Cosette top.

Retain your figure's balance. So, don’t pair the top with a skirt or pair of trousers that are too wide. Tip: make the top long enough, so that you draw the focus a little more towards the bottom. Your body shape benefits more from a ‘elongated’ upper body.
Fun alternative: lengthen the Cosette top into a dress! 
Discover an easy way to do that here.

When picking the bottom of your outfit, go for a colour that’s different than what you chose for the Cosette top. The different colours will break up your figure around the midriff, which will give your figure more shape. Focus should be on the top of the body, so go for a bottom that's darker than your top.

A round neckline will give your straight figure even more volume – so, go for it!

Cosette top for pears

For pears, the hips are the widest point of the body. It’s for that reason that the Cosette top isn’t quite what your body shape needs. That is to say, the top’s flared shape makes your hips look wider. However, if you make the top in a light or a vibrant colour and then pair it with dark trousers or a skirt, you'll still be able to balance out your silhouette. The vibrant or light colour will be the first thing that attracts the eye and the dark trousers or skirt will mellow out your hip area.

It’s incredibly important for the top to stop just above the widest part of your hips.


Cosette top for X-types and 8-types


The neat and full hourglasses have bodies that are naturally well-balanced. The shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and there is a clear waistline. Always go for clothing that follows your body's natural curves and highlights your waist as much as possible.

Basically, the Cosette top doesn’t work well for neat and full hourglasses because it doesn’t create a waist at all.

The Vita top is much more flattering for your figure. Lengthen the sleeves if you'd like to have a warmer version of the T-shirt.

Cosette top for inverted triangles

Inverted triangles tend to be top-heavy. They have fairly wide shoulders and are busty; however, the lower body is narrower. The goal for your body shape is to visually tone down your shoulders. You can make your silhouette more proportional by drawing attention away from the shoulders and deflecting it to the lower body.

The shape of the Cosette top is perfect for you! The upper part of the top is understated, and the flared bottom puts the focus on your hips. That’s a win-win!

Make the top in fabric with a fluid drape (i.e., that isn’t too thin) to soften the more angular features and create curves.

The top shouldn't be too short. Otherwise you’ll put too much focus on the heavier upper body. Lengthening the top a little to hip height works well.

Tip: lengthen the top into a lovely dress. Discover an easy way to do that here.

The Cosette top should preferably be made in a medium to dark colour to detract as much attention as possible from the upper body.

Pair the top with straight leg or flared trousers or a straight or slightly flared skirt.