Style advice for the Carole Dress

The Carole Dress for neat hourglasses

Neat hourglasses, this is your dress! The cut fits like a dream at all the right places. Thanks to the belt, you can also highlight your waist nicely. The V-neckline also looks smashing on you. The natural flair of the dress gives a nice ‘swish’ effect to your lower body and the dress falls gracefully over the buttocks.

Tip: make the Carole Dress in a plain colour and go for fabric with a fluid drape, that still has just the right amount of structure to it.

The Carole Dress for full hourglasses

This to-die-for dress is made for your body shape. It puts the accent on all the right places. The perfect cut adds the right focus on your waist (tip: tighten your waist with a belt). The dress’ V-neckline and various details emphasise your lovely feminine curves. What's more, the flounced skirt adds that extra ‘schwung’ to your silhouette.

Go for fabric with a fluid drape that nicely hugs your curves. Stiff fabrics are a no-go.

Carole Jurk

The Carole Dress for inverted triangles

The dress’ V-shape visually segments your upper body which makes it look less heavy. The end result is that attention is drawn away from your broader shoulders. What’s more, the flounced skirt adds the required weight to the bottom of your body, creating a nicer balance. Tip: lengthen the sleeves to make them long sleeves to add more volume to your hips – puffed sleeves work wonderfully.

You should feel perfectly o.k. going for fabric that’s a little stiff, but it does still need to drop properly. Go for a solid because busy, brightly coloured designs interfere with the straight lines.

The Carole Dress for wide rectangles

Wide rectangles often either hope to conceal their waist or create one. For the Carole Dress, you want to go for the first option. The V-neck accentuates the midriff, which helps you create the illusion of a smaller waist. In addition, you can tighten your waist in with the belt, which will emphasise that feature even more.

The Carole Dress creates a lovely sense of balance with its puffed sleeves and elegant flounce skirt. Tip: go for a print, such as geometric shapes, checks or stripes.

Carole Jurk

The Carole Dress for apples

The stylish skirt of the Carole Dress lends your body shape a real wow-effect. It detracts attention away from your midriff and puts the focus on your lovely legs (as long as you don’t make the dress too long). And the V-neck also highlights your décolleté.

Tip: go for a solid, dark, understated fabric and pair the dress with eye-catching earrings. That will help you draw attention to the top of the body.

The Carole Dress for pears

Do you have a pear-shaped silhouette? Then your centre of gravity is on your lower body and you have a narrower upper body. The Carole Dress gives your body shape the right proportions: the V-neck, 3/4-length puffed sleeves, and the belt at the waist put the focus on your upper body. The elegant skirt drapes beautifully over the hips, which slightly conceals your true ‘hip width’.

Tip: you shouldn’t lengthen the sleeves because you don't want to add any more volume at the hips.

The Carole Dress for slim rectangles

You’ve got it – the Carole Dress is a must for slim rectangles. The dress has got everything to your straight figure needs to give it more shape, the neckline, puffed sleeves, elegant skirt, etc.

Tip: go for textured fabric or fabric with a pattern or in a bold colour for extra schwung.

Carole Jurk