Style Advice for the Carmella Jumpsuit

Oversize jumpsuit with long sleeves, button closure and side pockets hidden in the side seam.

Carmella for H-types / the wide rectangle

Your body’s silhouette is naturally balanced. Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width. It’s just the waist that's missing. Make sure that the back of the pant seams doesn’t sit too high and shifts slightly in the direction of the hips so that the belt can be worn a little lower. 

Here you can read about how to lengthen the upper body and shorten the pants. The jumpsuit can also be worn without a belt.

Carmella for V-types/ Inverted triangle

The focal point of the inverted triangle is the upper body. For this shape, focusing on the hips can create a sense of balance. You can achieve this effect by repositioning the seam and belt at the hip area. Here we show you how to lengthen the upper body, while shortening the pant legs. That way the seam and belt will sit lower. Tip: roll the pant legs up. That will help balance out the proportions between your lower body and broader shoulders.

Carmella for X-types / Neat hourglass

For a flattering silhouette, accentuate your waist and above all, don’t cover it up! You can do this by cinching a belt around your waist.


Carmella for O-types / the apple

The button closure placket at the front helps draw a vertical line down the center of your body, which creates a lengthening effect to the upper body. Draw the focus toward your shoulders and face by leaving the upper buttons unbuttoned and allowing the collar to fall open. Most apple types have slender ankles. Show these off by rolling up the pant legs a little and combining the jumpsuit with wedge heels. Tip: wear a pair of stunning earrings to lead the focus away from “the danger zone”, in this case the apple's stomach area. The jumpsuit looks lovely with or without a belt.

Carmella for A-types / the pear

The focal point of the pear is centered on the hips. The trick here is to make your shoulders look wider so that they are in better proportion to the hips. For instance, by wearing the jumpsuit open (with the top buttons unbuttoned), the collar tips will fall slightly open, pulling the line of focus toward the shoulders. By doing this you shift the emphasis more toward the upper body. What's more, the yoke on the jumpsuit’s shoulders creates a broadening effect. 

Tip: Cut the yoke and the breast pockets in a different direction to draw even more attention to the upper body. Wear a belt with the jumpsuit to accentuate the waistline. Don't cinch it too tightly so that the transition from upper to lower body flows nicely.

Carmella for I-types / the slim rectangle

What's great about this jumpsuit for slim rectangles is that they can create a playful sense of volume, which is just what their slimmed-down figure lacks. Cut the breast pockets in a different direction, leave the upper buttons unbuttoned, roll either the pant legs or sleeves up, and make sure to work the belt for all it’s worth. Tie the belt nonchalantly, for instance, into an ostentatious bow.


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