Style advice for the Billie trousers

Billie trousers for O-types

The centre of gravity on the O-types body is the midriff, which is why drawing attention away from that area is a must. You can do that by accentuating other areas, for example, the face, shoulders, legs, wrists, etc.

For this body shape, straight leg trousers look best. Tip: flair the trouser legs just a bit at the bottom. That will help your body look more nicely proportionate vis-a-vis the heavier midriff region.

Pair the trousers with the right kind of top. For example, go for a tank top or blouse that hangs loosely over the trousers. Definitely don’t tuck the top into your trousers! You want to create as much length as possible. So, go for the same colour for both top and bottom pieces.

Good combo tip: wear a cardigan or jacket open over the Billie trousers. Pick (or make!) a cardigan or jacket in a dark colour and go for a blouse or tank top in a striking colour. This ‘darkens’ and straightens your body's contours, drawing the focus inwards. That is to say – you'll look thinner.

Use flashy earrings, a necklace or a different striking detail at the shoulders to showcase your face and shoulders. A top with rolled up sleeves, rolled cuffs or 3/4-length sleeves accentuates your wrists. You can boost that effect by wearing a bracelet.

A familiar fitting issue: sometimes – if you have a fuller stomach – the trousers may ride too low or be too tight at the front but fit just fine at the back. Why? The fabric isn’t wide or long enough at the front. Find out how to fix that here.


Billie trousers for H-types

H-types are nicely balanced between the shoulders and hips but lack a waist. That’s why the goal is to retain your figure's nice proportions.

Trouser legs that taper towards the bottom add volume at the hips, which is a good thing for your body shape. Alternative: Widen the trouser legs a bit at the bottom. That will create a straight cut, which also looks great on you.
Don't make the waistband too tight – make sure it fits nicely.

A common complaint about the fit for wide rectangle shapes is that there is too much fabric in the seat area. Find out how to fix that here.

Wherever possible, create a nice V-shape for the upper body. Wearing a V-neck top is a great way to do that.
The point is to draw attention towards the top of your silhouette. You can do that by playing with colours. For example, make the trousers in a dark colour and pair it with a top in a lighter colour. By creating a break at the waist, you give your silhouette more shape.

Go for stiffer fabrics that add more structure to your lower body. Vertical, diagonal patterns or graphic prints – such as checks – are just what you need.


Billie trousers for I-types

The Billie trousers are a smash hit on your straight, slender figure. The tapered trouser legs and side seam pockets create more volume and curves at the hips, which is just what your figure needs.

Make the trousers in a (striking) design or a colour that really stands out and combine them with a pretty top that has details in the bust area. The result is a lovely, balanced silhouette. Don't be afraid to play with prints and colours. Anything that gives your silhouette more volume is a good thing.

Fabrics with a heavy or fluid drape are both a go. Avoid fabrics that are too flimsy – you need fabric with structure to give your body more shape. Mixing and matching patterns also works. For example, you could pair a (floral) print for the trousers with a horizontal striped top.

You can’t go wrong adding extra volume to the top, for example: puff sleeves, a boat neck, etc. These details make your shoulders look wider, creating the impression of a narrower waist.


Billie trousers for A-types

The hips are the widest part of a A-type body and the shoulders are comparatively narrower. The trick here is to get your shoulders to look wider so that they're more proportionate to your hips. For this reason, you should emphasise the top of your body.

The Billie trousers’ standard cut puts too much emphasis on the hips. That’s why it’s a good idea to widen the trouser legs and make the trousers in a dark colour. Fabrics with lots of design elements or prints are a no go. Make the Billie in a plain colour and pair it with a top in a light or vibrant colour. A print could work well here. Tip: To perfectly balance your silhouette, work with layers for the upper body.

Making the Billie trousers in pinstripe fabric is another good option. The vertical lines have a lengthening, and thereby slimming effect.

Pair the trousers with a top that creates a horizontal line at the shoulders/bust, such as a boat neck top or a top with (literal) horizontal lines. Extra details that create the illusion of broader shoulders: cap sleeves, shoulder pads, wide collars, etc. They create a nice counterbalance to the bulkier hips.

Billie trousers for X-types

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Your body is naturally well-proportioned. That’s why you should go for a simple clothing style that highlights your natural curves.

Trousers with a straight, or slightly flared leg are most flattering on you. Widen the trouser legs to create a more flattering cut for your figure and pair them with a top that has a lovely neckline.

Less is more! (That means where accessories are concerned too!)


Billie trousers for 8-types

Your shoulders are somewhat smaller than or the same width as your hips and you have a slender waist. In comparison with the neat hourglass, the widest point of the hips is higher up.

You look great in straight leg trousers, so widening the trouser hem width a little can’t do any harm. Don’t make the trousers too wide, what you’re going for is to make the legs look longer.

If you want to make the Billie trousers in a print, go for a subtle one. Pair the trousers with a top that has a lovely neckline. A V-neck is the neckline for your body shape. It’s a great way to elongate a shorter upper body. Avoid oversized tops.

If your backside is on the fuller, rounder side, then you might feel like the trousers aren’t high enough at the back. Lengthen the crotch length of the back to take care of this problem. Find out how to alter this here.

Billie trousers for V-types

V-types are characterised by broad(er) shoulders. Your mission? Creating the illusion of narrower shoulders and drawing attention to the lower body.

The Billie trousers’ cut adds extra volume to the hips. Make the trousers in fabric with a design (checks work great!), or a light or striking colour. And be sure to choose fabric that has a heavy enough drape. That way you give your lower body more shape. Pair these with a top in fabric with a fluid drape in a dark or sober colour.

Go for different delicate layers rather than a single thick, heavy jumper, for example. Whatever you do, don’t go for bolero, or jackets and cardigans that are too short. The only thing they'll do is add volume to the ‘heaviest’ part of your body – the shoulders. Make sure the top ends at hip height or just below the seat.

Make the top in a dark colour to detract as much attention as possible from the upper body.

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