Style advice for Charlotte Dress

The Charlotte Dress for apples

What does an apple want most? To create lovely longitudinal lines that 'stretch' her plump figure as much as possible. The Charlotte does that wonderfully. The V-neck creates a nice narrowing effect, the straight, plain sleeves are perfect, and the absence of too many frills is a win for your body shape.

However, what really makes the Charlotte dress every apple’s dream are the ruffles at the bottom of the skirt. The wrap skirt’s V shape highlights your slender calves and shapely ankles. So be sure not to make the dress too long! A knee length or mid-calf length dress looks best on you.

Go for a fabric that's heavy enough, but that also drapes beautifully. Avoid stiff fabrics. A relatively dark colour is most flattering.

The Charlotte Dress for wide rectangles

Wide rectangles have shoulders and hips of approximately the same width. The only thing missing is a clear waistline. Your goal then is to work on the art of creating one!

The V neckline subtly draws attention to the centre of your body. At the same time, it elongates your upper body, making your waist look smaller; that’s exactly what’s needed to balance your proportions.

The ruffles lend your straight figure a softer, more feminine feel.

The Charlotte is a wrap dress, which makes it the perfect cut. Don't make the dress too long – you want to show off those pretty legs. Go for knee-length or mid-calf length.

Subtle prints look great on your body shape.


The Charlotte Dress for slim rectangles

Slim rectangles can always use a few more curves and a clear waist. That makes the Charlotte, a wrap dress, a dream come true for you! The skirt ruffles fill out the bottom of your silhouette. The V neckline draws attention to the centre of your body, which also creates a waist.

Avoid thin, flimsy fabrics that drape lifelessly over your body. What your body shape needs instead is a little more structure. Go for a print or something in a striking colour.

Use plenty of accessories, such as eye-catching earrings, a few bracelets, etc. That technique will diffuse the gaze across your body, breaking up the impression of a single straight line.

Extra tip: alter the pattern by adding some volume to the sleeves. Bishop sleeves, butterfly sleeves, adding an extra ruffle or two...they're all great ways to add interest. To flatter your straight figure, remember that it’s all in the details!

The Charlotte Dress for pears

The hips form the widest point on the pear’s body and the shoulders are comparatively a bit narrower. The goal is to draw as much attention away from the wider hips/thighs as possible and shift the focus to the top of your body.

The V-shaped cut of the neckline draws attention to the centre of your body. The ties boost that effect by further accentuating the waist, and we all know that’s a must for your figure!

The slight A-line cut of the dress drapes nicely over the hips and the ruffles distract from your wider hips. The V-shape created by the wrap skirt breaks up your lower body, making it look softer (i.e. less wide).

A fabric with a lovely fluid drape is sure to look divine on your figure. A subtle print, for instance, that diffuses the focus across your body would look lovely.

Extra tip: make your look complete by wearing a pair of head-turning earrings, so that the eye is drawn upwards.


The Charlotte dress for neat and full hourglasses

Your shoulders and hips are more or less the same width and you have a clear waistline. Your body is naturally well-proportioned.

Top tips for your body shape? Go for designs that follow your natural curves, accentuate your waist as much as possible and really highlight those feminine charms. The V neckline, the belted waist and the whimsical ruffles with their extra dose of feminine charm obviously mean you were born to wear the Charlotte dress.

Go for a fabric with a lovely fluid drape that gracefully hugs your natural curves. A solid fabric or one with a subtle print would look fantastic.

The Charlotte Dress for inverted triangles

Inverted triangles have fairly broad shoulders and/or are busty, but the lower body is more slender in contrast. Make your silhouette more proportional by softening the upper body and shifting the focus to the lower body.

The V neckline of the Charlotte dress splits up the upper body into smaller areas, making it look less heavy. Even better, it has an elongating effect that also makes you look more graceful.

The skirt ruffles are a smart way to distract attention from the top of your silhouette, and by tightening the belt, you can give yourself a lovely waistline.

Want to really make this pattern work for your body shape? Switch up the bottoms of the sleeves by making them a little wider, adding ruffles, pleats, buttoned wrist trim, etc. That will help focus the gaze on your lower body and create volume at the hips.