Statement Wallys

WALLYS- the new edition of @fibremood is out today and this is one of there patterns featured! It’s the Wallys blouse, a wrap blouse with pretty dramatic sleeves. I figured this pattern was perfect for a fabric that was in my stash for a looong time. I bought it 2 years ago on eBay, it’s probably very synthetic (i don’t know!) but i fell for it anyway. A gorgeous print, so vibrant and dreamy. But SO slippery. I have been ignoring it because of my fear to cut & sew it. Just dreaming about what i could make with it if i just dared to take the plunge..
But the Sew Brave challenge of the @sewcialists came along and together with the Wallys pattern gave the last push to just cut into the damn fabric!

To be honest, it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. I used a new needle, took care to pin & clip everything so it wouldnt play around and it came together pretty fast. Silly me for waiting so long to use this fabric!
I made a size 38, probably could have sized down. I lined both front pieces because the fabric is a bit see-through and i didnt want the facings showing through.
I made a mistake with the cuffs: Although i have really narrow wrists, the cuffs are way too small! I think i folded the cuffs the wrong way but i am not exactly sure. I made a different button solution and now it is a design feature. ?

I am really happy how it turned out & i now have a statement blouse in my wardrobe i can wear when i want to make an big impression ?

This is another entry for #makemystash the challenge of @timetosew & @pilar_bear.
Photo’s by @boudewijn.hamerhaai.


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