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Fibre Mood has managed to create a community of Sewistas all over the world. That's nice and all, but we think it'd be even more awesome to see some of that community. Last year we went on a genuine Sewista World Tour, but this year - we're going on a Sewista Home Tour! Let your fellow Sewistas travel digitally by sharing your favourite spot at home in your favourite Fibre Mood outfit.

Ready to climb on board?

Take a snapshot of yourself wearing one of your Fibre Mood creations at an iconic spot somewhere close to home. Upload your picture to the ‘Your Creations’ page and be sure to include #SewistaWorldTour in the title.

The pictures with the most hearts have a shot at an annual subscription. Be sure to invite all your friends!

Want to join our 'clapping' Sewistas with a film clip of max. 5 sec.? Then grab your mobile phone, make sure it’s horizontal and:

  1. Clap your hands.
  2. Twirl.
  3. Clap your hands.
  4. Send your film clip to We look forward to cutting and pasting it in with our other Sewistas.

The campaign runs from 17 June 2020 to 18 August 2020. Participation is possible until midnight on 18 August (Central European Time).

With a film alone you are NOT a candidate for winning the annual subscription, so make sure you upload a picture!


Naturally there’s a reward in store for all your hard work. Other than international fame and a well-deserved spot on our Fibre Mood World Map, each entry is in the running for an annual subscription to Fibre Mood.

So how do we select the winners?

We do it in two rounds.

Round 1:
First the Fibre Mood editing team picks 40 World Tour pictures. Our criteria for your World Tour pictures are the following:

  • Orginiality as a whole: place, picture, …
  • Inspirational content
  • Do we like what we see?

Round 2:
We'll organise a poll with this top 40 and ask the sewistas to cast their votes. The 10 Sewista World Tour photos with the most Sewista hearts (or public votes) win the annual subscription!

In short:

You can upload your photo until August 18, 2020. After that, the 40 photos will be chosen and voting is more important than ever!

Voting is possible until 23 August 2020, 00.00 (Central European Summer Time - Time zone Brussels).

On 23 August 2020 00.00, the 10 Sewistas with the most hearts on their photo will win a Fibre Mood annual subscription and become our next Featured Sewistas.

 Show us where you are & good luck!

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