Sew Along Arlette Skirt

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Meet up with other Sewistas to learn how to sew these Arlette Skirt from A to Z. Make an appointment at one of the fabric stores below to sign up. 

You go home with a Arlette Skirt, fitting your stye!

Marie Karo, Mechelen                                  27/02 & 6/03
Framalo, Houthulst                                       24/02
Toverstof, Destelbergen                               9/03
Wild van Stof, Kortrijk                                   28/03
Stoffen van Leuven, Schellebelle                 15/03
Pieke Wieke/Dubbel:punt                            21/03
Au fil de Mon Idée, Neufchâteau                 1/03 & 2/03
LanaLotta, Leuven                                        19/03 & 26/03
The Sewing Loft, Lissewege                         6/03
Bobby Sewing, Mortsel                                13/03 & 20/03

Stof&Wol, Breda                                             9/03
Creatief Atelier het Speldenkussen, Emmer  24/02

Chez Tilly, Paris                                               24/02
Mercerie de rêve, Les Attaques                      tbc

Jenefea, Langen                                              24/02 & 3/03                                 
Stoffliebe, Erfurt                                               9/03
Frau Lotti lässt grüssen, Merzenich                  8/3 & 9/03

Sylvia and Mieke choose bohemian chic


Sylvia from made an Arlette Skirt with ruffles. She selected a fabric from the latest collection by See You at Six. A chestnut brown linen blouse, a leather belt and bordeaux red boots complete her look. 

Mieke chose the Arlette Skirt with wide ruffles and used a mustard coloured supple fabric. A cream chunky knit jumper, short boots: that’s all her version needs.  


Liesbeth chooses bohemian chic and Céline streetstyle


Liesbeth from selected an atypical colour for Bohemian style, but how clever! A green/black supple flowing fabric with a leopard pattern for the Arlette Skirt, a black linen shirt with a deep décolleté and tall black boots. Done.

Céline chose streetstyle. She made a version of the Arlette Skirt with ruffles in a supple fabric with a large floral print. She combined it with a yellow jumper, a short cream sporty jacket and, of course, dad sneakers. 


Yanne and Laura opt for streetstyle


Yanne made a mini version of the Arlette Skirt without ruffles in a sturdy denim fabric. A raspberry red oversized jumper, white sneakers and a flower in her hair. Done! 

Laura from selected a tricot fabric with glitter for her short version of the Arlette Skirt without ruffles. She combined it with a mustard yellow T-shirt with a bold image, an unbuttoned oversized striped shirt and white boots.

Chris and Bea opt for timeless elegant


Chris chose a supple fabric with flowers. She made the Arlette with ruffles and combined it with a baggy jumper and bordeaux red pumps. Extremely elegant and timeless! 

Bea selected a crepe fabric from the latest collection by Atelier Brunette. She left out the ruffles and combined it with a soft, thin mint green jumper. She wore an oversized blazer on top. Her grey boots complete the look.  

Griet and Jo also opt for timeless elegant


Griet made a short version of the Arlette Skirt without ruffles. She made it in a black fabric with a fine pinstripe. A pink silk blouse and short black boots make her outfit complete. 

Jo also chose to make a short version of the Arlette Skirt without ruffles. She added an extra panel in pink at the bottom and repeated the colour in a sporty stripe in the side seam. Considering her skirt is the real eye-catcher of her outfit, she kept the styling understated: a dark blue long-sleeved top, a beige leather jacket and black pumps.