Tara Jumper With Stripes

1 2018
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#Tara #FibreMood

• Knitting needles: no 8 en 10
• Crochethook: no 9
• Darning needle
• Wool: Mohair trend, Lang Yarns, thickness 5 - 5.5 (see table)

Size XS S M L
white (color 0094) 10x 25g 12x 25g 12x 25g 14x 25g
dark blue (color 48) 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g
lilac (color 96) 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g
red (color 3) 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g
light blue (color 9) 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g 1x 25g

One 25 g ball of wool contains 246 ft (75 m) of yarn. 


Oversized jumper with ¾-length sleeves for mother and daughter. High hugging factor guaranteed. In off-white with continual horizontal colored stripes. The jumper is easy to knit in stocking stitch. Pleasure guaranteed.


Mohair Trend, color 0094 - ecru, color 0004 - black, color 0029 - red, color 0071 - ice blue, color 0099 - khaki, or a more budget-friendly type: a combination of Mila and Alpaca Superlight

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