Looking back on 2020 with Fibre Mood


2020, let’s just say that it was no ordinary year. And that’s an understatement. Lockdowns, teleworking, shuttered cafés, no more mad rush to be everywhere at once at the weekend, and on and on... Still, with Fibre Mood to keep you company, it wasn’t all so bad. Because let’s be honest. When you're a Sewista, you know exactly what to do with heaps of unexpected free time!

‘Creativity’ and ‘miles apart but close at heart’ have been 2020's mottoes. We stayed strong together as a Sewista Community. You also proved your creativity more than ever. You sewed so many beautiful things in 2020! You and all our other Sewistas are a great big source of creativity and inspiration.  Thank you a million times over for helping make 2020 a positive, creativity-filled year after all!

And that’s why we want to sum up all the great things we did together in 2020:

We published 5 magazines, chock-a-block with on-trend patterns! And who could forget our e-bookStart to Sew – a practical guide for learning how to sew.

cover 2020

Norma is and remains the belle of the ball. It was hacked an impressive 307 times, each version with a unique, personal touch. And of course, the lot of you all joined the Norma Hack Contest with undeniable enthusiasm. So, there’s no doubt that the winners have earned their spot in our 2020 review as well:

Normahack 2020

Check the Norma Hack contest top 10! 

And Norma is definitely not the only patter this year that was hacked.  We’re citing Pattern Hacks as thediscovery of 2020. We witnessed an unprecedented surge in innovation and creativity! Have you hacked a pattern yet? Get out of your comfort zone and discover the limitless possibilities of pattern hacking!

Read about how our Sewistas explain their pattern hacks in minute detail, here

Hack 2020

Honourable mention: Social Sew Along

Our new concept, the Social Sew Along, turned out to be a smashing success! We brought sewing class to your living room live and completely free. Our experienced Sewistas loved being there for you online, to show you the sewing ropes. Did you miss any of our live sessions? No worries! They’re all available to rewatch, as many times as you like!

SSA 2020

#fibremood on Instagram

We saw tons of gorgeous images while scrolling on Instagram this year, just like any other. Our growing Sewista community continues to expand and be an inspiration to one another. We love seeing your makes appear, and we love sharing them too! These gems got the most ‘likes’ in 2020 on our Instagram account.


IG 2020

Keep on creating, keep on sharing and keep on inspiring!