Make Norma Your Own!

Norma Hack Make Norma Your Own

Make Norma Your Own ! 

Pattern hacking? Isn't that illegal or something? NO WAY! Pattern hacking means altering a pattern so that you end up creating your own version of that pattern. This can range from minor adjustments such as changing the length (transform the blouse into a dress) or opting for a different fabric (play with lace elements) to major adjustments such as merging elements of different patterns. You can, for example, mix the Norma with the collar or sleeves of the Holly Dress. 

Take a photo with your Norma Hack and upload your photo with #NormaHack and include your name in the title.

From September 9 to October 31, the pattern can be downloaded for free at the 'Norma blouse' or with the code #Normahack in our webshop.

You can participate until 8 November midnight (Central European Time). The 3 winners will be announced on 11 November!

Show us your Norma Hack & good luck!

Upload your Norma Hack

How does it work?

The editorial staff of Fiber Mood makes a selection of 3 winners. Which criteria do we use:

  • Originality of the hack & photo
  • Inspiring content of the hack
  • Does it make us happy?

You can upload your photo until November 8, 2020. On November 11, the 3 winners will be announced!

Reward for Sewistas

For all your hard work there is of course a reward. In addition to eternal fame on the Fibre Mood website, every photo submitted also has the chance to win an annual subscription.

The winners will also receive an interview about their Normahack.

Take part!

Check out our Norma Hackers !