Start To Sew: E-book

start to sew e-book

Learn How to Sew, a Practical Guide is here!

Would you love to sew your own clothes? Have you got cold feet though? Or are you just not sure it’s your thing? Fibre Mood is thrilled to lend a hand with its digital Learn How to Sew, a Practical Guide. It’s hot off the digital press and especially for you. You can probably picture your cheeks flushed rosy with pride when you’re asked where you bought those trousers or that dress. And can’t you just imagine the look of disbelief in their eyes when you tell them how you sewed it yourself? Just do it! Conquer your fear while we happily lend you a hand from fabric selection and style suggestions for all body shapes to the final styling.

Note: our e-book is in an 'epub' format, as this allows us to combine text, video and images. This format can be easily opened on Apple devices. However, on other devices such as Windows or Android, you will need to install a free epub reader such as .


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