Help us get a Kickstart(er) !

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Fibre Mood wants to be your new favourite sewing magazine, and we need you and your American co-Sewistas to make it happen!

Fibre Mood is a small band of sewing enthusiasts oozing with creativity. From our dear ‘Little Belgium’ we produce a pattern book every two months that's chock-a-block with hip and on-trend sewing patterns. With our seventh magazine on the horizon, we're on the cusp of a grand new adventure – an adventure we hope you'll take part in. We've got big ideas, but our creativity is bigger and our desire for a U.S. launch is the biggest of all! Sadly, our budget isn’t quite that big. For a smooth launch in your neighbourhood, we need your financial support and the support of your sewing friends.

Convinced? Have a look at our Kickstarter page and give us the helping hand we need :-) 

Risks and challenges

As we have already made some issues of our magazine before, risks are limited. If we do succeed with this kickstarter, we will be able to deliver our promised items. Be aware that the sewing class perk will be held in Chicago on a fixed date, so be sure you'll be able to make it.


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