Free Sewing and Knitting Patterns

Create, share, inspire. That’s what we’re all about. We hope to make our community a place where current sewistas can pass on the passion of sewing to other (future) sewistas. And what better way is there for us to immerse you in Fibre Mood's vision than to give you a taste of our sewing and knitting patterns. Find our free patterns on this page and test out all that Fibre Mood has to offer and enjoy the real Fibre Mood experience. (Spoiler alert: there's a good chance that you'll fall hook, line and sinker!) 

Frances met jeans bewerkt

Discover the Fibre Mood experience

Fibre Mood experience – what exactly does that entail? In the end, what is it about Fibre Mood that distinguishes it from other sewing and pattern magazines? Fibre Mood isn’t just about sharing new sewing patterns. Our magazine is an up-to-date, compact way for us add inspiration – by way of gorgeous pictures and patterns – to your home.

If you’d like more details on what this means, you'll find everything you need to know on Our user-friendly instructions on how to make your piece from start to finish are sure to put you on the right track! Read about the unique advantages that come with being part of the Fibre Mood community.

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Style advice just for you

In addition to the instructions and fabric plan per pattern, you also get fabric advice and have access to a preview video that shows you at a glance exactly what the model looks like in real life. If there’s one thing that makes Fibre Mood completely unique, then it’s the style advice tailor-made to your body shape. This keeps you from ending up with disappointing sewing projects that don’t turn out like you’d expected. We provide you with a comprehensive explanation that includes the dos and don'ts for every body shape.

And that’s not all! We also offer style advice for allour women’s clothing patterns. That way you might even find yourself wearing an Arlette skirt that suits your body shape to a T, which you might otherwise have discarded based on your figure.

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customize patterns in 1,2,3

Not fond of the easy way out? Do you enjoy playing with patterns or are you just eager to find out more about the world of pattern drawing? How do key tips & tricks from our seamstresses and knitters strike you? Nothing would please us more than sharing them with you!

Fibre Mood provides you with handy 'how to' videos and step-by-step plans so that you can alter your pattern to whatever you have in mind. Shortening the Bertha trousers or making another version of the Arlette skirt has never been easier. 

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Fabric advice

Interested in making our patterns in the same fabrics? Great news! On our fabrics page, you can find an overview of fabric shops in several different countries that sell the fabrics used.  From Luxembourg to Germany, you can make an identical Riva jumpsuit anywhere.

What’s more, we provide an explanation for the right washing instructions and fabric compositions for those who are still confused about what exactly those laundry symbols mean.  

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These Fibre Mood extras will round off your next sewing project perfectly. Ready to jump head on into the Fibre Mood experience with a knitted Tara jumper or a long Julia jacket? Pick your free sewing or knitting pattern here to find out what Fibre Mood is all about and don’t forget to share your creation with #fibremood. We'll be sharing new free sewing and knitting patterns now and again. Stay tuned. 

Tara Ribbel Trui