Featured Sewista: Hannah Papenfuß

Our patterns are the reward in store for the loyal Sewista community bursting with unique perspectives, loads of creativity and gifted with deft fingers. It’s also why we feature a different Sewista every month, who happily passes the baton on to someone new when her turn is over. This month we get a peek at Hannah's sewing life and how Fibre Mood plays a part in it.

Hey there!

My name is Hannah Papenfuß, and I'm 20. As part of the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Management I'm doing, I'll be starting a course in Fashion Design on 23 September. I currently still live in Mainz but would love to move to Mannheim once I've graduated. 

IG   @craftedbyhannah

Sewista Hannah Papenfuss

My sewing journey over the years

When I was 11 years old, I started out sewing with a tiny handbag. At the time, I was only sewing by hand – the big sewing machine was still a little too daunting. My aunt is still sewing strong today, and I owe having joined the sewing community to her. I’m always fascinated by how many fabrics and how many different sewing machines my aunt has in her house. On my 12th birthday, my grandma gave me my first sewing machine as a present. Sewing has played a huge role in my life ever since. 

At school, I belonged to the afterschool sewing club and in my spare time I would sew accessories, make-up bags and covers for notebooks galore. That was until my mum signed me up for an adult education sewing course as a gift during my last year of secondary school. 

That's where I sewed my first top, and since then all I do is sew clothes. I can’t get enough of it, because in the end you always get to see the results of what you’ve made. That’s why I’m all the more happy that I can follow a course in this sector. And who knows – maybe later I can turn my hobby into my career.

I sew a lot for myself because I often run into trouble finding something due to my size; however, my boyfriend, brothers or grandma often make an appearance on my to-do list. There's something in it for everyone. :-) 

Fibre Mood: match made in fashion heaven

There’s a lovely fabric shop (Engelsliebe) in my hometown, Mainz. They sell Fibre Mood, and it’s via the shop that I was first introduced to Fibre Mood.

I love the huge range of different patterns, the simple instructions and the fact that there's something for everyone – whether you're a beginner or advanced, or whether you need a size 34 or a size 44. Fibre Mood offers variety, which I love!
In addition to Fibre Mood, I also buy the magazine La Maison Victor.

Machines & Materials

I don't really have a preference as far as a specific type of fabric goes; I enjoy working with different materials and the challenge of having to work differently with each type of fabric. From time to time, I also try my hand at wool to sew a coat. 

My Pfaff Passport 2.0 and a high-quality W6 overlock machine are my faithful companions for every sewing project. What’s more, I recently bought a 90-year-old Singer sewing machine at a jumble sale. So nice!

Inspiration & Favourites

I follow a number of different bloggers on Instagram and YouTube. 

@nvdecollective and @fashiontamtamtam are two of my favourites. I also enjoy collecting other suggestions or ideas for new sewing or knitting projects on Pinterest. 

I mainly check YouTube for specific tips & tricks.

On Facebook, I belong to a Bernina sewing Machines group, since (owning a Bernina) is my big dream! I don't belong to the Fibre Mood group, but I am a member of the Fibre Mood community on the website. I haven't shared any creations there yet, but I'm definitely planning on it. I'm already looking forward to exchanging ideas with other Sewistas. :-)

Create, Share, Inspire!

My most recent sewing project was a skirt and top that I made for a wedding. I switch patterns often or create my own from a top I already have at home. I took around three hours for the skirt and two for the top. 

My favourite creation, with autumn now just round the bend, is my forest green overall dress in corduroy. Paired with a soft jumper, tights and boots – it's the perfect outfit for autumn!

Golden tip

A golden tip – don't give up if things don’t go the way you’d hoped. Put your project aside for a few days, then gather your courage and push forward! There’s always help to be found, everywhere you look, whether it’s on the internet, in a sewing café or in a book. 

What’s best about sewing? The feeling you get when you’re holding your finished creation in your hands and can say: ‘I made this!’.