Dress My Window campaign

The ‘Dress my Window’ campaign is intended to put our faithful community of sewistas in the spotlight. We want to highlight sewista talent during the competition, but also lend retailers a hand in creating gorgeous shop windows. That’s a fantastic mix, right?

How does it work?

Well, participating sewistas use their talented hands to craft a lovely creation that they can take to a participating retailer to be proudly displayed in his or her shop window. That way, the retailer also benefits from a gorgeous and inspirational pop-up shop window. And no worries, we definitely want to make sure we've got a record of these incredibly creative shop windows for posterity. Retailers are responsible for sending Fibre Mood a few fantastic snapshots. These will feature on our website.

The campaign runs from 4 May to.m. 14 June.

Sewista prizes

Naturally there’s a reward in store for all your hard work. After you’re creation has gained its claim to fame, you can pick a free Fibre Mood PDF sewing pattern for each entry worth EUR 7.50. 

But there’s more! The top three shop windows are in the running for an annual subscription to Fibre Mood. 

Retailer prizes

Each retailer is allowed to submit three entries. Not only will that make you the proud owner of an inspirational shop window decorated with Fibre Mood creations, but you can regularly switch it up with new sewista contributions.

If your entries are in the top three, then Fibre Mood will publish an interview with you on our website and you'll receive the genuine original garments from 3 issues of Fibre Mood to display in your shop window.

Now that’s what we call a prize! Take a shot and submit your entry now for ‘Dress my Window’!

Winners Dress My Window

The past weeks, many shopkeepers created beautiful shop windows together with their sewistas. These 3 shops were your favorites:

Stoffquelle, Germany

Bobby Sewing, Belgium

Villa Sassefras, the Netherlands

The sewistas all receive an annual subscription. 
The retailers receive the original items of clothing from our magazines for one year.

We will soon be presenting these stores to you one by one.

And yes, next year we will do this again! Take your chance and talk to your favorite fabric store about it now! (and why don't you already practice a little ?)?

Dress My Window banner

Competition rules


As a participating sewista, you get to choose which shop you’d like to partner with. Send them an e-mail or drop by to talk to them about it. You’re allowed to submit a total of 3 creations to the campaign. You can opt to have them all displayed in the same shop, or have them displayed in different shops. That will give you an even better shot at winning!

For each entry that you create and submit, you'll receive a free PDF pattern of your choice. Your retailer will take care of that. He or she will send us a photo of your creation in the shop window along with your name and e-mail address. That way you're sure to get your prize from us.


It goes without saying that as a participating retailer you’re welcome to invite sewistas to take part in the competition. In addition, this campaign also gives you the chance to take advantage of our customer loyalty for your own shop. Definitely feel free to come up with your own rewards/incentives for your faithful customers interested in participating in the campaign.

As a retailer, you’re the sewistas’ number one place to go for information about the campaign. You're their direct point of contact for deciding on which creations will be made, when they'll be ready, etc. We leave all that to you and your amazing organisational skills.

The creations you receive have to be clearly labelled. Write the sewista’s name and the pattern made on the name card and be sure to put this in your shop window.

Every retailer is allowed to submit a max of three photos of his or her shop window. These photos can be sent to our e-mail address at: stagiair@fibremood.com. Be sure to clearly state the names and details of all the sewistas who contributed their creations to your shop window with the photos sent in.  We'll upload these to our competition page right away with your shop name and the name of the participating sewista.

Don't have a shop window? Why not create a special display area in your shop?


So how do we select the winners?

We do it in two rounds.

Round 1:

First the Fibre Mood editing team picks 10 shop windows/displays. Our criteria for the shop windows/displays are the following:

  • Design as a whole (colour harmony, styling, etc.)
  • Inspirational content
  • Do we like what we see?

Round 2:

We'll organise a poll with the top 10 and ask the sewistas to cast their votes. Retailers can also call on their customers to vote for their shop windows/displays.