Totally in love

Zag een jongemeisjesjurk in de laatste Fibremood, en was op slag verliefd .

Helaas heb ik geen dochter in huis,  dus waagde ik een gokje. 

Zocht op internet naar een bijpassende stof en probeerde de jurk.

Dít is het resultaat,  en de jurk past áls gegoten!

Vanaf heden ben ik superfan!

Used pattern:


4 2019
#FibreMoodScout #FibreMood #Sewista

2 - 14 year 

Here come the spring dresses! Scout is an airy, A line blouse dress with breast pockets. There are several versions: ankle length or short, tied at the waist with a ribbon or worn loose without a ribbon. Anything is possible! The ankle length version includes side seam pockets while the short version is made without pockets. To find out how to lengthen or shorten the pattern if you’ve decided on a different length than the ones mentioned, have a look here

Fabric advice

There are many, many fabrics that would work well with this dress. Depending on the effect you’re going for, you can go for a stiffer cotton, denim, linen, etc. or a fabric with a fluid drape, such as viscose, cotton voile with a nice print, chambray, etc

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